Megan Young and Mikael Daez Broke the Wedding “Rules”. Here’s How They Did It!

Most couples feel that they need to follow a certain wedding template or do certain things based on a wedding rule book. But Megan Young and Mikael Daez proved that you can make a wedding entirely your own, break a few ‘rules’ and make the most memories out of your wedding day! How did they do it? Well, we’ve got all the details right here!

Megan Young and Mikael Daez Broke the Wedding "Rules". Here's How They Did It!

They only invited a little over 100 guests!

Since Megan and Mikael were keen on having a quiet and meaningful gathering, they chose to share their special day with only the people who are closest to them. Before their Subic wedding, it was revealed that the couple exchanged I do’s in a quiet church ceremony in Caleruega with only 10 guests present, and they were mostly family members. Their second low-key wedding celebration remained just as intimate with only a little over 100 guests in attendance.


They hosted their own reception program that ended at 8pm!

Megan and Mikael themselves were the emcees of their reception program, and that made the simple activities so much more fun and personal! There were no speeches, no games, and no same day edit video presentation. They kept the program short and sweet with just the cake cutting, a toast, and a heartfelt dance number with both their Moms to the song Mama (I Love You). Since the program ended before 8PM, their guests were able to stay longer to party!

“It was very them. There are a lot of weddings that go with the traditional format, like all the group photos, programs, and games, which are also okay, but this one didn't have any of that and it was very refreshing. It felt like they took control of how their wedding went vs. following how weddings are supposed to be,” Daniela Gamboa, Guest


They had a coffee toast!

Since the two are avid coffee drinkers, their beverage of choice for the toast was none other than coffee! Isn’t that a fun idea? Instead of wine or champagne, they chose to share their love for coffee. And of course they also served coffee to their guests throughout the reception.

“To add special touches, we set up a coffee cart, because they are extreme coffee lovers! We also reflected coffee plants in the invitation,” says Ycoy Sitchon, La Belle Fete Weddings


They had photo areas instead of one photobooth!

There was no photobooth at this wedding, but what Megan and Mikael did have were creatively styled photo areas with macramé designs, a swing, and a lounge-like space around the venue! Instead of the guests lining up and waiting for their turn at a booth (and probably hurrying up because other people are in line, too), they got to go around the location and take all the fun photos they wanted!

“We created a bohemian concept with a modern vibe. We came up with the perfect mix of earth colors to channel the organic, natural style. The warm colors, textures and incredible landscape played a big part in the execution of the whole concept we prepared for them.” Ycoy Sitchon, La Belle Fete Weddings

“There wasn't any long waiting time. Longest would probably be the cocktails, but they made sure to keep the guests busy during this time, by providing food, drinks, coffee, a beautiful setup with multiple areas you can take photos in, and even a horse! The photos weren't mandatory and everyone just did what they wanted,” Daniela Gamboa, Guest


No bridesmaids! No Groomsmen!

There were no bridesmaids and groomsmen at this wedding! The only people who walked down the aisle together with the bride and groom were their moms and siblings who had roles during the ceremony. An entourage isn’t required after all. The only witnesses you legally need are the principal sponsors.


There was a 'first look' moment before the ceremony!

Megan and Mikael went the unconventional way by doing the first look. In this moment, they saw each other for the first time, just the two of them, in their gown and suit before the ceremony started. Now, this may be highly non-traditional, especially for Filipino weddings, but a first look gives you the chance to spend time together before you share your company with the rest of your guests. Plus, you get to take more beautiful photos as a couple!


Megan wore two simple dresses and held a hoop bridal bouquet!

Something we can learn from Megan when choosing your wedding outfit is that there really are no rigid rules to follow. Go ahead and wear flat shoes instead of heels or do away with the long train. During the reception, Megan wore sneakers! Her dresses didn’t have any embellishments or lace, and they weren’t voluminous gowns either. Megan kept it subtle with a puff-sleeved dress by Patricia Santos for the ceremony and a V-neck, asymmetrical dress by Boom Sason for the reception. For her bouquet, Megan was holding a hoop bouquet with a mix of dried and fresh flowers instead of the lavish cascading ones.

“Modest, free-spirited and very laidback are the perfect words to describe them. True to their personalities, the wedding reflects who they are and what they like,” Ycoy Sitchon, La Belle Fete Weddings

Here are more snaps from Metrophoto:


Photographer: Metrophoto / Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Prep Venue: Forest View Subic / Ceremony Venue: San Roque Chapel / Reception Venue: El Kabayo Subic / Bride’s Dress: Patricia Santos / Bride’s Reception Gown: Boom Sason / Groom’s Attire: Suit it Up Manila / Groom’s Stylist: Adrianne Concepcion / Makeup Artist: Anthea Bueno / Cake and Catering: Bizu Catering Studio / Event Stylist: Gideon Hermosa / Invitations: Papillon by La Belle Fette / Musician: Frigora Acoustic / Lights and Sounds: LX Events Pro / Mobile Bar: Proof Mobile Bar / Coffee Station: Chapter Coffee PH / Chair Rental: K and N Event Rentals / Lounge Rental: Formm Rentals / Charger Rental: Casa Luxia / Souvenirs: Messy Bessy / Wedding Coordinator: La Belle Fete / MUA (Mom and entourage): Carissa Cielo Medved / Hairstylist (Groom, Mom, Entourage): MJ Rone / Dresses: Bessie Besana

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