Here Are Some Celebrity-Inspired Ways Brides Can Wow the Crowd with a Unique Wedding Look!

Did you know that there was once a time when the norm was for women to walk down the aisle wearing whatever color they liked? It was only in the mid-1800’s, after Queen Victoria donned a white silk wedding gown that white took its unofficial place as the color of choice for bridal gowns. Nobody knows how long white will dominate bridal couture, in the same way that there’s no predicting which fads will influence the future of bridal fashion, so why not stay true to your taste? Your wedding is once in a lifetime and you should be dressed in whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. It is your special day after all, so it only makes sense that you get to decide on every little detail. Here are some celebrity brides who were not afraid to break the mold and managed to make fashion headlines for their unique style. Keep on scrolling to see some inspiration for a trend-setting bridal look!

Here Are Some Celebrity-Inspired Ways Brides Can Wow the Crowd with a Unique Wedding Look!

Play With a Shorter Length

A shorter frock does not necessarily mean the look is any less formal, especially when dressed up with the right accessories. It is also a sensible option since long trains do not get in the way, said no bride ever. A simple skirt can be complemented by avant-garde designs and larger details if you’re looking for something with more drama. Your choice of footwear can even be the star of the show because of the shorter length. Shoe aficionados can wear their most coveted pair, no matter what the season!


Photo: ProudRad | Bride’s Dress: Mark Bumgarner | Bride: Maxene Magalona


Photo: NicePrint Photography | Bride’s Dress: Bridal Boutique Manila | Bride: Dennise Lazaro


Choose Your Bridal Color

One of the bravest and most memorable choices a Bride can make is to go with a fabric outside the white color family for her wedding gown. When the doors open and reveal the bride clothed in a striking color, you can expect guests will be blown away and might just choose to take a closer look than to watch the moment through their phone’s lens. Bridesmaids are not the only ones who can party the night away in full color. If you want to walk down the aisle in blush, blue, or maybe even black, some may ask you why, but we say why not?


Photo: NicePrint Photography | Bride’s Dress: Edwin Tan | Bride: Chynna Ortaleza


Photo: Metrophoto | Bride’s Dress: | Michael Leyva | Bride: Tanya Bautista


Sparkle With Embroidery

It is instant pick me-up to be adorned in jewellery and if there is one day in your entire life to go all-out with the sparkle, it must be your wedding day. Embroidering fabric with beads, pearls, or even crystals is a meticulous craft that will not only elevate the gown, but your aura as well. You can experiment with your designer to come up with distinct patterns for embroidery or source stones with significance to you to be sewn onto the dress.


Photo: Lito Sy | Bride’s Dress: Francis Libiran | Bride: Maricar Reyes


Photo: J Lucas Reyes | Bride’s Dress: Randy Ortiz | Bride: Rissa Mananquil


Add a Statement Slit

Whether you prefer a ball gown or a sheath silhouette, you have the option to show off your shoes (or some leg!), by adding a slit to your skirt. No matter how high or low the slit, it can instantly modernize and change the feel of the the garment. A slit can also help you enjoy the night more comfortably thanks to the reduced restriction when walking and easier access for bathroom breaks!


Photo: MangoRed | Bride’s Dress: Veejay Floresca | Bride: Precious Lara Quigaman


Photo: MangoRed | Bride’s Dress: Pepsi Herrera | Bride: Iya Villania


Style a Short Veil

Sometimes, less is more and if you don’t want to take away any attention from the beautiful bridal gown, a shorter veil is the way to go. There are going to be a hundred things going through your mind as you walk down the aisle, and it wouldn’t hurt to eliminate worrying about the train of your veil from the list. Alternately, Brides also have the option to go for a no-veil ensemble. We know that bridal hair and make-up does not come cheap nowadays, so it is totally understandable if you would rather display than conceal the finished product!


Photo: Pat Dy | Bride’s Dress: Rosa Clara  | Bride: Bianca Gonzalez


Photo: Pat Dy | Bride’s Dress: Elie Saab | Bride: Nikki Gil


Trade in the Shorter Pants

Nothing says we are two equal halves of a power couple quite like the Bride showing up in a stylish pantsuit on her wedding day. Just like with any ball gown, there are tons of aspects to customize based on what bests suits you—pun intended! Choosing the material is also an important decision to ensure the suit is structured, yet sleek enough to show off her silhouette. Soften the look with by letting your hair loose and sporting your sexiest stilettos!


Photo: Mayad Studios | Bride’s Dress: Light Shine White | Bride: KZ Tandingan


Photo: Bride’s Instagram | Bride: Stephanie Dods


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