Walk in Comfort and Style: Shoepatos is Offering Discounts Until Nov. 15!

What you wear on your feet is as important as your wedding dress. Not only does it affect your overall look but also your mood, confidence, and your chances of having so much fun on your wedding day! That’s why due to insistent pubic demand, Shoepatos, a trusted brand in custom shoes, is extending its discounted rates until November 15, 2020. They’re offering P3,000 off on any design of bride and groom shoes and P8,000 off on the bride + groom shoes package to encourage soon-to-weds to walk comfortably on their way to forever. Scroll down to know more about the brand and what brides (and their grooms) are raving about!

Walk in Comfort and Style: Shoepatos is Offering Discounts Until Nov. 15!

Doreen Odvina, the woman behind Shoepatos, tells us what every soon-to-wed couple should consider when looking for a good pair of custom wedding shoes.

(Layout) Tip 1: Consider comfort as much as design.

The first consideration of most brides in choosing a pair of shoes is the style and look. The question is always, “will it complement my wedding dress?”, and more often than not, it’s not followed by a second question. Doreen reminds all brides the importance of considering comfort as much as prioritizing the overall look. (Layout) “Look for comfort that can last the whole day. For me and my team, our primary goal is to always provide ultimate comfort while staying in style so our couples can enjoy their special day without feeling any pain from the shoes they wear” -Doreen Odvina

As part of the brand’s continuous innovation, every pair of Shoepatos now uses a slow recall memory foam made especially for the brand. It follows the shape of the feet so you get the needed support whether you’re flat footed or have a high arc.

(Layout) “The slow recall memory foam makes you feel that you’re walking on clouds! The comfort is unbelievable and even softer than insoles of sneakers.” -Doreen Odvina

(Layout) Tip 2: Always check the quality.

If you’re thinking that you’ll only wear your wedding shoes once, then you’ll scrimp on cost and quality. But what if you get a pair that’s so comfortable and well-made that you get to use it even after your big day? Shoepatos gives you that option by providing interchangeable straps and detachable rhinestone clip-ons that you can remove for casual days after your wedding day. Ah, this is what quality shoes are for.

(Layout) “Our shoes are all hand-made so I’m very strict with cleanliness and quality on each pair. It has to be really beautiful and flawless. Our materials come from different parts of the world and I personally inspect each of the tiniest pieces before we proceed in manufacturing the shoes and packing it for delivery” -Doreen Odvina


(Layout) Tip 3: Go for the brand that gives honest recommendations.

What sets custom made shoes apart from off-the-rack ones is the personal touch. You get to follow your dream design down to the detail and also address whatever special requests you may have. That’s why it’s so important to find a brand that knows how to listen and to interpret your needs so they can incorporate it in the design.

(Layout) “We give our recommendations based on the bride’s personal style, character, and preferences. We also ask for the height difference of the bride and groom and what shoes they usually wear, so we know what height to recommend. Aside from customizing, we also personalize every pair by printing the names of the couple on the padded insoles.” -Doreen Odvina


(Layout) Tip 4: Always expect an outstanding service from start to finish.

Going through the process of customizing your wedding shoes is like finding the right wedding dress. It requires a certain level of service and commitment from the supplier so you can surely walk down the aisle in comfort and style.

(Layout) “We ensure that clients are happy and satisfied. In seldom instances that minor adjustments have to be made for the perfect fit, we do so for free. I think this is the reason why we have a lot of returning customers and why a lot of couples recommend us to their friends and families.” -Doreen Odvina


(Layout) Tip 5: Before you book, check the brand’s credibility.

There’s always a benefit when you choose an established brand with a good following as your wedding supplier. Aside from getting to read reviews about the quality of work and the service they provide, you also get peace of mind. For Doreen, this is what sets Shoepatos apart. Being awarded with the ‘Best in Custom Design Bridal Shoes’ in Nov 2018 just adds fire to their already passionate hearts for pretty and comfortable wedding shoes!

(Layout) “Our passion for creating comfortable and beautiful custom shoes made us win this award for the national category based on consumer research and survey in 2018. This makes us ever more committed in creating the best quality of footwear and choosing the best materials and methods in shoe making. We even acquired a brand partnership with Swarovski in 2019 to ensure the authenticity of the crystals we use to make bridal shoes sparkle” -Doreen Odvina

Here are actual customer reviews:

What are you waiting for? Complete your wedding look with the right pair of shoes until November 15! Limited slots are available! Contact Doreen Odvina at (+63)917-5-367336 (DOREEN) for inquiries and bookings or visit the Shoepatos Instagram and Facebook account for more details.

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