This Couple Proves That Love Looks Even Better Through Time

Every young newlywed couple dreams of growing old together, beating all the odds in their lifetime. Clodualdo and Leonila were one of those young couples 50 years ago. Now, in the middle of a pandemic when both of them are not allowed to go to church for their renewal of vows, their love found a way to bring this solemn covenant right inside their home, with only their immediate family who live under the same roof in attendance. As an extra precaution, suppliers who entered their home were asked to wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) along with their face masks. They also made it a point that the ceremony was short and sweet, with only a few words exchanged. With these photos from Laurence Albay Photography, you’ll be convinced that the years only made their love stronger as seen in the way they looked at each other and the way they shared hearty laughter. We’re sure that even if you are a newlywed or not, these photos will warm your heart today, and always.

This Couple Proves That Love Looks Even Better Through Time

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