This Couple Chose to Celebrate With Only 20 Guests Even Before the Pandemic Happened!

The magic and beauty of a wedding isn’t in the flowers or fancy decorations, but in the shared warmth and happiness among the couple and their most loved ones. It’s easy to get lost in the glitz and glamour of weddings—that is until you are lucky enough to come across a charming, no-frills wedding like Dre and Tin’s and you fall in love with the intimacy of it. The couple invited 20 of their nearest and dearest dressed in dusty blues, and their genuine familiarity and shared joy radiated throughout their special day. Taking the family involvement a step further, Tin’s dainty dress was sewn by her mother, while Dre’s dashing suit was sewn by her father. We are all for this heart-warming gift of support from the bride’s parents!

To all the couples who are still unsure how to enhance their intimate celebrations, remember that there is an undeniable beauty in how nothing can tear apart two people who want to be together more than anything else. For more inspiration, scroll through Bria Cardenas‘ photos, which effortlessly captured the two families celebrating and revelling in true love and nothing more, nothing less.

Note: This wedding happened before the COVID-19 pandemic





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Photographer: Bria Cardenas / Ceremony Venue: Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary / Reception Venue: Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen
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