7 Trial Sessions to Do before Your Wedding Day

Trial sessions are like practice runs that will prepare you for your big day! It will give you a clearer idea of what you really want and you’ll be able to pinpoint details that need to be changed. Make sure to talk to your suppliers about their trial session rates (if any) and schedule them accordingly. Here’s a list of what trials you should do as part of your wedding planning process. Go on and make these part of your wedding checklist!

7 Trial Sessions to Do before Your Wedding Day

Do a hair and makeup trial

If you’ve already booked your hair and makeup artists, immediately schedule an appointment for a trial session to see what look will work best for you on your wedding day. Around two to three months ahead of your wedding date would be ideal. This is a chance for you to talk to your makeup artist about any skincare issues you may have. That way, you can make the proper adjustments to your makeup and the products you’ll be using. Doing a hair and makeup trial will also help you gauge the amount of time it will take for you to prepare on the actual day.


Break in your shoes

We know the pain of wearing high heels for hours all too well. So, once you’ve purchased your wedding shoes, be sure to practice walking around in it for a couple of days until you get used to how they feel on your feet. New shoes need some warming up, too!


Fit your dress

Wedding dress fittings are a must! You’ll be doing a series of fittings with your designer before you reach the final form of your wedding gown. Normally, it would take you at least three fittings depending on the amount of alterations needed. It’s recommended to schedule the final fitting one to two weeks before the wedding so you’ll be sure that your dress fits the way you want it to. Try your dress on along with the accessories you plan to wear with it to see how everything will match.


Decide on your manicure style

Like a hair and makeup trial, a manicure trial is also another way for you to see what color and style you really want for your wedding nails. You can test different shades and designs to check which kind would complement your engagement ring, the motif of your wedding, and your over-all look the best. Schedule manicure trials at least two to three months ahead of your wedding date or around the same time as your hair and makeup trial to get a good picture of how your final bridal look will be. Scheduling ahead will also give you time to remove the polish, change or finalize the color, or redo the manicure if needed.


Do a food tasting

At a wedding, everyone always looks forward to the food, so you want to be sure that your wedding menu does not disappoint! Make sure to schedule a food tasting with your caterer at least three to four months before your wedding so you can make necessary changes with time to spare. If there are certain food allergies that need to be considered, make sure to let your caterer know beforehand. At a tasting session, you’ll have a more accurate idea about how the food will look and taste. You’ll also get to experience what the service will be like, and it’s an opportunity for you to curate what dishes you want to serve at your reception. Be sure to do a cake tasting as well so that you can pick out the exact flavor you want as well as discuss the design of your wedding cake.


Practice your dance number

To make yourselves more comfortable dancing in front of a crowd, practice slow dancing at home to your chosen first dance music. If you have a choreographed first dance, then all the more reason to practice, practice, practice. When you practice, you’ll be able to calm your nerves and prepare yourselves very well for the big day. Practicing also means you’re less likely to forget your steps! You can also practice dancing with your parents so they will get a feel of what your father-daughter and mother-son dance will be like. And if you’re planning on having your entourage do a dance number, make sure to schedule regular rehearsals for as long as time permits. Not every member of your bridal party is confident enough to dance in front of an audience, so be sure to consider how much preparation you will all need.


Practice with your hired musicians

If you’re planning on doing a song or dance number with a live orchestra or band, be sure to schedule regular rehearsals months ahead of your wedding. Take note that performing with live music is a lot different from a minus one or karaoke version. The timing and key on an instrumental accompaniment you find online could be different on actual sheet music. Don’t miss out on rehearsing to avoid being overwhelmed by the sound and tempo of live instruments playing.

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  1. It is important to look beautiful on your wedding day. A trial session with your makeup artist helps you to select the best artist for your special day. It was very important information that you have shared in this article. Thank you for sharing. Keep sharing more such information with us.

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