He Proposed to Her Using a Video Call Set Up, and She Said Yes!

Joe had his wedding proposal all planned out at the start of 2019. He bought a ring, asked Martina’s parents for their blessing, and bought tickets to Japan for February 2020 where he originally planned to propose. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their travel plans were halted and he had to think of a new way to pop the question.

It’s funny how unplanned things make moments even more memorable. Since Joe is living alone in his apartment, Martina’s mother offered to host him during the quarantine period. With the blessing of his parents, he took the offer which made it easier for him to craft up a new proposal plan.

"Martina is very close to her family. So with the lockdown in place, I thought of doing a surprise while she was on Zoom call with family. Martina’s sister, then had the clever idea of masking it as a ‘makeup tutorial session’, something she had done for her cousins at the start of the lockdown." Joe, Groom-to-Be

He Proposed to Her Using a Video Call Set Up, and She Said Yes!

"I created a Viber chat group with her sisters, and we added her cousins who would join the tutorial. Since coordinating while we spent a lot of time together was a challenge, I named the group PH COVID UPDATES, disguising it as COVID updates." Joe, Groom-to-Be

"On the day itself, Martina had her makeup tutorial set at 2:30pm. By that time, I had changed into something a bit more dressed than quarantine homeware and was waiting on the signal." Joe, Groom-to-Be

"Joe, who I assumed was waking up from a nap at this point, came out of his room fully dressed—he’d been staying with us during the lockdown to avoid living in isolation. I was so confused, but brushed it off as 'easter best' for mass, but not without asking him 'what are you wearing? Are you going out?'." Martina, Bride-to-Be

My sister started shouting at me to look at the screen, and thats when I saw my family holding up signs saying “Marry, Will, Joe” and a few doodles of rings. Honestly, it took me a minute to understand what they were saying—granted, a few of them had their signs upside down." Martina, Bride-to-Be

"As she realized what was happening, she turned to face me, and I was on one knee. I completely forget my entire spiel, but was lucky enough to be able to still ask her to marry me." Joe, Groom-to-Be

"Next thing I knew, Joe was on one knee. Amidst the chaos of my family screaming on video call, to my nephew making a mess on the sofa, to the dogs chewing on his shoelaces, he asked “will you marry me?” And I said yes!" Martina, Bride-to-Be

"We don’t really know what world we will return to due to this virus, but there's nothing more I wanted than to be able to face everything openly together with Martina. Five years later, I’m glad to finally be able to call her my fiancé. I was sure from year 2 it was her." Joe, Groom-to-Be


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