In Jeans and T-Shirts, This Couple Decided to Get Married on the Spot to Beat the Community Quarantine

Wearing just plain shirts and jeans, Jed and April, didn’t expect to get married during their Church visit. They were just supposed to ask for some advice from the priest on what to do since the threat of COVID-19 pandemic was on the rise.

“The priest asked us what we wanted to do and to get married right on that spot was our answer. So, we did. The dream was a big ceremony surrounded by our loving friends and family, me in the prettiest white dress and Jed in the finest suit. But our union happened with just the two of us, wearing plain shirts and jeans. There was indeed a great difference, but when you are with the right person, what situation you are in would never matter.” April, Bride

This Couple Decided to Get Married on the Spot to Beat the Community Quarantine

Jed and April are both from New Zealand but it has always been their dream to get married in the Philippines. So, for two year, they planned their wedding arduously, choosing the right suppliers and nailing every detail down. They were set to get married on March 27, but because of the pandemic, they had to cancel all of their plans. Their hearts sank but it also brought them back to what marriage is really about.

"Most would think that it was just bad timing, but for us it was the most perfect thing that happened. Nothing fancy, just love." April, Bride

If only they were based in the Philippines, it would have been easier to rebook all suppliers. But since they had to fly back to New Zealand, they had to cancel the wedding and think fast on what they wanted to do.

“We bought our wedding rings a day before we went to the Church. Luckily, I didn’t change my bag that day! We only borrowed the veil and cord from the parish office and requested two people from there to be our witnesses.” April, Bride"

With no family and friends, and even wedding suppliers around to celebrate their special day with them, the couple still considers their wedding a big blessing to be thankful for.

"Given the opportunity, we'll have our renewal of vows in the next 5–10 years. What’s important now is we already received the blessing from God and will just use our “wedding money” to start a family." April, Bride 

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