This Couple Got Matching Tattoos During Their Engagement Shoot

Topher and Abi celebrated their engagement and 8 years of being a couple by getting matching tattoos. You read it right! As if capturing their love in a set of breathtaking photos captured by ILAYA Films were not enough, the couple literally sealed their promises forever on their skin, in permanent ink. The tattoo design itself, a beautiful rendition of cogon grass, mirrors exactly on each of their forearms and is meant to symbolize the steadfastness and endurance of their love as it grows where it is planted. The couple explains that the permanence of the tattoos is also a reminder of their promise to be bound together forever by God. They are as cogon grass: “wild, hindi mabilis maalis at matatangal.

There’s something about the excitement and bravery that it takes to get a tattoo for the first time that reminds us of engagement itself–going out on a limb, committing to permanence, and ending up with something beautiful that you love. Based on the laugher and love we see in these photos, we’re sure Topher and Abi are in for a wonderful engagement and an exciting marriage ahead.

This Couple Got Matching Tattoos During Their Engagement Shoot

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Photographer: ILAYA Films / Wardrobe: Jaja Santos / Hairstylist & Makeup Artist: Jeck Nicdao / Set Design: Flowers Tech / Tattoo Artist: Majestic Tattoo / Coordinator: Red & Co. Events / Location: Isla Le Jardin
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