The Wedding Dress Guide: 9 Things to Consider Before Deciding It’s The One

Before you start searching for the perfect white dress, here are some things you have to keep in mind! Believe me, ladies, the search will be so exciting!

The Wedding Dress Guide: 9 Things to Consider Before Deciding It’s The One

Fit is just as important as style. A well-made dress looks elegant, as well as expensive. Even in the simplest of styles, a good-fitting dress makes all the difference. Always choose to prioritize fit.

Your gown needs to be appropriate for your theme Your wedding dress needs to match your theme, as well as your venue. Coherence is one of the things that will make your big day extra pretty.

Don’t be afraid to try new styles and cuts You’d be surprised at how the simplest necklines or even an unexpected cut would look so amazing.

Pegs are not meant to be copied Don’t go to your designer and expect that they’ll copy the pegs you show. They are designers for a reason—respect their art and craft.

Study your options: RTW, Custom-Made, or Rentals The advantage of ready-to-wear is that you actually get to see what style fits you the moment you try on the dresses. Custom, on the other hand, allows you to have a one-of-a-kind design that is uniquely yours. Both options are great! The best way around it is to try some RTW gowns first to see how it feels, then also meet some designers and see if their sketches will spark something in you.

Pick a designer who truly matches your style Designers have their signature styles. Make sure that your dream gown is something the designer is good at creating. Otherwise, both of you will be envisioning two different dresses.

Fit a variety of styles and cuts before you decide Go around before deciding on your dream dress. You’ll be surprised that a silhouette you never thought would fit you actually looks great on your body type.

Explore different types of fabric Although lace is an absolute classic, other fabrics can just be as pretty. Silk, satin, and even poplin are great options.

Try fun trends like painted or printed gowns This is for the bride who is more on the adventurous side. It’s always fun to experiment with tasteful prints and patterns!


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