Married Couples Talk About What Love Looks Like Through the Years

We believe that love evolves and changes its form through time. What someone finds attractive then will be different from what will be attractive 50 years after. So, in our quest to trace the thread of love that binds relationships closer together, we talked to couples who’ve been married for different durations of time with the hopes of finding a secret or two in their answers. Read about their stories below and for sure, you’ll get even more excited for your own “I Do’s”!

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Married Couples Talk About What Love Looks Like Through the Years

1 Year Married (Carlo and Pia)


Carlo and Pia have been friends for more than 10 years before they got married. What attracts them to each other is the drive and excellence they both have for the things they’re passionate about. Though they’re new to the whole marriage life, they’re enjoying every bit of it by learning about each other a little more everyday.

On Fights: “We don’t usually fight. But one thing that I learned about her in one of our arguments is that my time is also her time.” - Carlo “He’s so used to being independent so we’re still learning how to co-exist” - Pia On Staying in Love: “Staying in love is also standing in love. It’s really the small things that make up our everyday. Just knowing that I’ll go home to the person I committed to for the rest of my life is one of the reasons why I stay in love.” - Carlo “Don’t forget to always have fun. It’s going to be a very long date together—from now until forever, so do what makes you happy!” - Pia



2 Years Married (Anton and Marla)


Anton and Marla are polar opposites and this is what attracts them both to each other. Anton brings so much energy to Marla’s life while Marla grounds Anton with her gracefulness and quiet confidence. They complement each other very well and are definitely better people with each other.

On Fights: “Marla has a different standard of what’s clean from what’s not compared to me. Just because her standards are different, we tend to see things differently. I can tell when she’s stressed when she starts sweeping or start cleaning the house even when there’s no need for it yet.” -Anton “A lot of our disagreements were very feelings-based, just because we’re still trying to get to know each other. The way we feel and the way we love are actually very compatible but the way we think is very different.” - Marla On Staying in Love: “Find the constant need to get to know your partner over and over again because chances are, when you grow together, you’re also changing.” -Anton “It’s important to grow as individuals. Whether that means pursuing your own passions or doing your own thing, once you’ve established the security of a marriage, then you should take that as an opportunity to focus on yourself as well.” -Marla



2 Years Married (Jan and Angela)


Angela was a single mom when Jan came along. While stakes were higher for both of them back then, Jan was able to charm Angela with his happy disposition and infectious laughter. In return, Angela shows her love for him through acts of service which she was able to do more after they got married.

On Fights “Our fights before and after getting married are the same but the manner we fight is different. May konting maturity kahit papaano because we have to watch our words and be sensitive especially when the children are there.” Jan “You get to choose kung ano yung gagawin mong away and ano yung hindi na.” -Angela On Staying in Love: “When we go out, the text, the emails, the messages can wait later. Make time to love your wife.” -Jan “Every time the going gets tough, I always go back to why in the first place are we here—what did I see in him when I entered the relationship. You get to forget all the trivial things when you always go back to the heart of your relationship which is seeing the good in the person.” -Angela



25 Years Married


Both lawyers by profession, Ric and Mylene have mastered the art of agreeing to disagree. Most of their fights are petty and trivial because they’ve reached the point in their marriage where they can just be fully themselves.

“We fight about the little things. The direction in traffic, but Waze solved that!” -Ric On Staying in Love: “I always tell him that he’s the one person I don’t lie to. Everything is out in the open. I always share everything with him. We’re best friends so we have a bond that was developed. We met at the right time, at the right age, with the right frame of mind, and so far so good.” -Mylene Advice to Couples: “I can’t say that the bond and the formula that we have would be applicable to other couples. There’s no such thing and we’re old enough to know that. What works for us may not work for other couples.” -Ric “You have to accept him as is. Never use the words, “if you love me, please do this.” There should be no forcing your partner to do something you want.” -Mylene"



70 Years Married (Tessie and Reling)


Being married for so long is a blessing that 95-year-old Reling and 92-year-old Tessie don’t take for granted. With wisdom that comes from age and experience, this couple don’t really have to say much in order to inspire younger couples. Just by staying together and being faithful to one another for such a long time is enough proof that love in marriage can truly last.

On Fights: “Maybe we argue on some things but they are trivial things.” -Tessie “We seldom quarrel seriously. We are always in good terms.” -Reling Advice to Couples: “Never let the sun go down on your anger.” -Reling “Be patient and forgiving.” -Tessie



Watch the full video interview here!

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