How to Leave Your Guests Wondering Why You Look So Good on Your Wedding Day!

One of the most magical moments during a wedding is when the ceremony door opens, unveiling the beautiful bride for the first time. Oh what a sight! And as she inches her way to the altar, you try to figure out what is making her look so stunning, what is making her glow? Is it her gown? Is it her makeup? Is it her hairstyle? While all of these contribute to the bride’s overall look, we want to focus on one seemingly small detail that can actually make a huge difference in achieving the controversial “bridal glow”–having white teeth. Yes, you read that right! A confident smile that shows off your pearly whites can definitely elevate your look in countless of ways. The Smile Bar is joining in the fun as we list down the reasons why you should tick teeth whitening off your list before your wedding day!

Having Whiter Teeth Can Elevate Your Bridal Look!

It makes you look flawless A beautiful and confident smile can instantly brighten up your face, shifting the focus from your insecurity zones to your statement pearly whites! Whiter teeth lightens your complexion too!


It boosts your confidence
There’s no reason to be shy if you know that you’ll still look good even in close up shots. You’ll also feel more confident in talking to your guests because you’re sure that you look your best.


It reflects how you care for yourself
Your wedding day is your official introduction to your new family (a.k.a your in-laws). For sure you’ll want to present your best version of yourself to them too, right? Having white teeth shows everyone that you know how to care for yourself well, the same way you can care for your husband too. This gives you the confidence boost you need as you enter your new life together.


Q: I'm convinced! Where can I get my teeth whitened? A: The Smile Bar is a cosmetic teeth whitening salon that promises 2-9 shades whiter teeth in just 20 min!

Over time, your teeth get stained by the food you eat and the type of lifestyle you live, making your pearly whites turn yellowish. You may not notice it immediately, but your teeth might not keep their original color. This is where The Smile Bar comes in the picture: Unlike the traditional laser teeth whitening that we all know, The Smile Bar offers a cosmetic teeth whitening technology that absorbs the food stains in your teeth. These are the stains that you get from coffee, tea, red wine, pasta–you know, most of the good stuff! But the treatment doesn’t burn or scrape any part of your teeth’s enamel, making it pain-free and 100% effective! And the goal is to achieve your teeth’s original color, session after session.


Q: Great! Do they have a package that me and my fiance can enjoy together? A: You and your fiancé can avail of the Premium Smile Bundle. It consists of 12 sessions that you can freely use anytime!

What you can do is to avail three sessions each before your engagement shoot and three sessions each before your wedding day, which totals to 12 sessions. You get to spend time together, whiten your teeth, and actually prepare for your most awaited celebration! Convenient, right?

Click through the gallery photos for the step-by-step teeth whitening process!

Step 1: Initial Assessment Your teeth will be evaluated against a shade guide to determine the actual color prior to treatment. Step 2: Pre-Whitening Procedure You will be asked to do the two-step mouth cleaning process. First, gargle using the BrilliantSmileTM WhiteningEVO Mouthrinse. Then, brush your teeth with the BrilliantSmileTM WhiteningEVO Toothpaste. Step 3: Whitening Treatment Sit comfortably in the egg chairs and cozy up using the blanket and pillow provided. Just in case you want to listen to music or watch a show on iFlix during the treatment, you can also borrow an iPad and earphones. Once you're ready, they will start applying the BrilliantSmile™ Sweden Whitening Gel on your teeth and then boost its effectiveness with the UV-free LED Plasma Light for 20 min per session. Step 4: Post-Treatment Assessment See the difference! You can expect your teeth to become six shades lighter just after one session!


Find out more about how you can get those pearly whites, by checking out The Smile Bar through their website, Facebook, or Instagram! You can also click here if you’re ready to book a slot for you and your soon-to-be.

Visit The Smile Bar at Uptown Parade BGC (2nd Floor) in Taguig City or at Ayala Malls, Vertis North (4th Floor, Cinema Section) in Quezon City.

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