Complete Your Bridal Look with These Jewelry Pieces!

Now that you’ve decided which dress you’ll be wearing on your wedding day, it’s time to accessorize! Here’s a guide to help you choose the right jewelry for your outfit without looking too much or too bare on your big day. Our friends from J’s Diamond are sharing some picks for you too! So make sure to read on and take note.

Complete Your Bridal Look with These Bridal Jewelry Pieces!

Mind your colors

Deciding on your bridal look doesn’t stop when you find the perfect dress. Though it may seem like a small detail, the jewelry you choose can actually make or break your entire look. You see, there are certain fabric tones that go well with a specific type of jewelry. For example: if your wedding dress is pure white, accessorizing it with silver, platinum, or pearl pieces will give you a polished look. If your wedding dress is off-white, try playing with yellow gold, rose gold, silver, or pearl jewelry. For a fully embellished dress, make sure that the pieces you choose matches the dominant color of your dress—a gold-beaded dress goes well with a set of gold jewelry for example.

“We carry different types of jewelry that can easily match any bridal outfit. For wedding rings, couples can choose whether they want their diamonds set on white gold, gold, rose gold, or yellow gold—all of which start at 18 karat gold.” – Kenneth Mau, Owner of J’s Diamond 

Consider your neckline

The jewelry that you choose will also depend on the cut and style of your dress. A simple drop necklace will look lovely on a sweetheart neckline but not on a halter top gown.

Tip: Opt for teardrop earrings or a diamond crusted stud instead if your dress has a high neckline.

Make sure it matches

If there’s one rule you should remember, it’s this: choose only one color of bridal jewelry. If you choose to go with gold earrings, match it with a gold necklace or a gold bracelet. If rose gold or white gold will elevate your look, then choose the same color for all your pieces. This way, you’ll look put-together and polished.

“As much as possible, we at J’s Diamond, want to make the decision making of brides easier. So we developed versions of the same design into earrings, rings, and bracelets—putting everything together in a set that will make any bride look stunning.” Kenneth Mau, Owner of J’s Diamond 

Stick to your style

While your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, remember that feeling confident and comfortable are still the secret accessories to a stunning bridal look. Choose the type of jewelry that you’re comfortable with and don’t stray too far from what you’re used to wearing. Instead of going all out on loud pieces, it would be better to invest in good quality jewelry that will stay classy even after your wedding day.

“We value long term relationship with our clients, specifically with our after sales services which covers lifetime warranty. We guarantee high quality jewelry and high quality of diamonds in every piece that we make.” Kenneth Mau, Owner of J’s Diamond 


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