This is What Your Groom Needs to Look Dashing on Your Wedding Day!

Just like your search for the perfect wedding dress, your groom also deserves to feel like a prince in a bespoke outfit that’s precisely tailored to his measurements, posture, and style. Besides, now is the best time to invest in a quality shirt and suit that your groom can use for a long period of time and in numerous occasions even after your wedding day, right? So today, with the help of our friends from Ascot Chang, we’ve listed down the important details you and your soon-to-be husband should consider and look for in a bespoke outfit for it to last. Plus, Bride and Breakfast CEO, Ian Simpao, shares with us his own experience with the bespoke process below, so read on!

Ascot Chang Shares Tips to Make Sure Your Groom's Suit Is Worth It

What does Bespoke Service mean?
It means that the shirt or suit is made from scratch based on your own specifications. An individual pattern will be developed for you based on your measurements, which will then serve as a guide to create a suit or shirt that will fit perfectly. It’s the opposite of off-the-rack or ready-to-wear. It’s also different from made-to-measure where a standard design is customized to your measurements. This premium service is offered by Ascot Chang in Rustan’s. 


Make sure to search for quality fabric
Choosing the right fabric can make or break your groom’s look. It’s so important that it usually takes the longest time to decide on because factors like when, where, and how your wedding will be like will affect your overall decision. Good thing the bespoke specialists in Ascot Chang can help your groom choose which one from the 6,000 samples of the finest shirt fabrics, and which one of the 4,500 luxurious suit fabrics, is right for him. To start off, a good option for a versatile suit that your groom can wear even after your big day is a dark navy 100% wool suit. He’ll be dancing and drinking the night away with you, so you’ll want him to wear something sturdy and definitely more comfortable.

"Each fabric is carefully selected and reviewed before we include it in our collection as we mainly use high count, two-ply fabrics to ensure the comfort, elegance, and longevity of the final garment."


Put your trust on a highly skilled maker
Not all bespoke tailoring shops are created equal. Most of the time, you’ll see the difference in the technique and skill of the maker. In Ascot Chang, they make sure that all stripes and checks align at the front button, along the sleeve and across the shoulder, resulting in visually seamless transitions between the different garment pieces. For suits, the sleeves and collars are set-in by hand while buttonholes and pockets are hand stitched for added durability and distinctive aesthetic. Now that’s quality outfit you’d want to see your groom walk down the aisle in!

"Shirts are sewn together using single-needle French seams and 22 stitches per inch, traditional methods that not only add durability to the seams, but are also aesthetically clean. The usual commercial stitch is only 12-14 stitches per inch."


Prioritize a comfortable fit 
When your groom buys a shirt or a suit from the mall, the sizes are fixed to small, medium, and large frames, not taking to account his unique posture and body shape that affects the fit. What you want for your groom is a shirt or a suit that is well adjusted to his body instead of him compromising his comfort just to fit a RTW shirt’s form.

"The bespoke specialist takes 15 basic measurements in order to create the client’s unique paper pattern. All measurements are noted down and the overall fit of the shirt and suit is discussed. All of this information is then incorporated into the client’s pattern design to achieve a comfortable fit.”


Express your personal style 
This step is where it really gets interesting. Depending on the style and taste of your groom, he can design his own shirt and suit by piecing together the ready-made options presented by Ascot Chang. Who would have thought that there can be 25 collar and cuff sample variations and 12 interlining options that determine the stiffness or softness of the collar and cuffs? Your groom also gets to choose the pocket style, stitch style and monogram design. Then to finish off his look, Ascot Chang also has neckties, cummerbund, and cufflinks to complement his overall bespoke outfit. The styling options seem endless and Bride and Breakfast CEO, Ian Simpao, can attest to that as he went through the whole bespoke process with Ascot Chang! 

“I love how you can customize every aspect of the shirt, since I’m very particular about the details like cuff design, and collar style and size.” Ian Simpao, CEO of Bride and Breakfast

“I chose a more versatile white shirt since I wanted to be able to wear it to a lot of occasions (including weddings of course!), and you can’t really go wrong with a white shirt! But we decided to add a little flair by getting a chevron-patterned fabric and adding a monogram with my name.” Ian Simpao, CEO of Bride and Breakfast"

Quick Styling Tip: If your groom is considering to wear a bowtie, make sure to get a covered french front placket. This hides the buttons of the shirt which makes his overall look cleaner and slightly more formal.


Ascot Chang is available in Rustan’s Makati, Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Rustan’s Shangri-la and Rustan’s Cebu. For inquiries and appointments, contact John Marcelo at +63 (917) 538 4564. 




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