Check Out Camille Co’s Boho Bridal Shoot in the Sunny California Desert!

It’s a good thing that The Raconteur Collective and Wanderlust Creatives got to catch up with the soon-to-be bride, Camille Co, in one of her trips in California. By doing so, they were able to put together this wonderful bridal shoot that we can now take cues from. Highlighting the romantic boho vibes of Joshua Tree, Camille imbibed the lost-in-the-desert feel and shared that the theme was so apt because she was missing her beau so much during the shoot. Now look at how put together this whole set is while we throw in some tips along the way.

Checkout Camille Co's Boho Bridal Shoot in the Sunny California Desert

B&B Tip 1: Pick a venue that matches your theme. The backdrop you’ll use can make or break the overall look of your photos. Once you’ve set your color palette and theme, look for a venue that can best complement it.

Rockbound Oasis Retreat, a rental property in Joshua Tree, was the best spot for Camille’s bridal shoot. It features the iconic desert rocks and flora that give out the authentic boho look the team was looking for.

B&B Tip 2: Use subtle tones to blend in. Instead of using contrasting outfit colors that will make you standout against the background, choose a subtle palette so your photos can highlight the natural beauty of your location too. This way, your photos won’t look staged and stiff.

Camille wore a relaxed, low-back, off-white lace wedding dress that was beautifully complemented by a light bouquet and floral headpiece. She effortlessly blended with the background but at the same time, stood out with her fluid poses.

B&B Tip 3: Be in the moment. Your bridal photoshoot should be a fun experience! Make the most out of it, collaborate with your suppliers, and try to make it as memorable as possible. Besides, you’ll only get to be a bride once!

Even though shooting outdoors can be a challenge, Camille went all in–and it showed in the photos! Camille’s awesome personality, all the suppliers’ creativity, and the beautiful location all contributed to this stunning set!

Photographer: Wanderlust Creatives / Videographer: The Raconteur Collective / Venue: Rockbound Oasis Retreat / Bride’s Dress: Rmine / Bouquet: The Flower Method
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