Designer Rajo Laurel Talks about Iza Calzado‘s Stunning Wedding Gown. Here’s What You Need to Know!

Ever since we saw the intimate engagement shoot of Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle last night, we couldn’t contain our excitement for how their big day will look today. We were particularly excited with how stunning Iza would look as she walked down the aisle and true enough, the moment she stepped out in her classic bohemian wedding gown made by her very good friend, Rajo Laurel, our jaws dropped instantly. We asked Rajo all about the dress and now, we’re sharing it with you!

Designer Rajo Laurel Talks about Iza Calzado‘s Stunning Wedding Gown. Here’s What You Need to Know!

1. What inspired the gown of Iza?

Photo via Rajo Laurel

"The inspiration of Iza's gown is all about the Bohemian kind of vibe but in a very classic way. We wanted to capture this free spirit but yet remain classic and elegant."


2. How was the design process like?

Photo via Rajo Laurel

"The design process of Iza was very easy. I know her body very well and essentially what we discussed was to find the right material for her. It was all about finding the right material and we found it in Sophie Hallette's Couture House in Paris. Then from there, we began the process."


3. Can you describe the dress?


Photo via Rajo Laurel

The fabric is a kind of Chantilly lace but it's a double lace. Basically what it means is that the base is chantilly then it's re-embroidered with another form of lace. So it's double lace in one material. Rajo Laurel


4. Why do you think this dress is Iza?

Photo via Pat Dy

I think the dress is very Iza because it captures her essence--a very classic cut gown but at the same time it's sensuous, appropriate for the beach setting. It's not very complicated, it's still very light. I love that it's light and easy. Rajo Laurel


5. What is your favorite thing about the dress? What is your favorite thing about Iza being your bride?

Photo via Caliber King

My favorite thing about the dress of Iza is that it will really stand the test of time. It's something that, if Iza will have a daughter, she can actually pass on. The lace and the material are very special and the cut is actually quite classic. It remains true to my aesthetic. I like creating wedding gowns that are timeless, but at the same time very personal. Rajo Laurel

Photo via Rajo Laurel

"I love making dresses for Iza because she's a woman who I really admire and she's a friend. When you create dresses for a friend, she becomes not just a client. It becomes really something very personal, almost like a labor of love, and Iza has this particular quality about her that when you meet her and you become her friend, she's really beautiful inside and out. I just wanted to be able to give that to her, give that same feeling that she gives to anyone that she meets--that unpretentiousness, that realness, that authenticity. I think that's important."

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