How to Have a Unique Looking Gown on Your Wedding Day

Wedding gown talk never gets tiring for us. I mean, why would it? Your wedding gown is one of the most memorable parts of your big day! We went through the MUSE by BERTA 2019 collection and decided to draw tips from it on how you, the bride, can stand out and look totally gorgeous, yet still maintain that elegance and beauty you possess.


1. Go for a silhouette and cuts that are not commonly used.

Don’t underestimate the power of silhouettes. A gown’s cut has just as impact as the material and details. Apart from a silhouette matching your body type perfectly, go for something that is not commonly used. An example of this would be a haltered neckline or a tent silhouette.


2. Have fun with appliqué!

In this day and age where inspiration and creativity is overflowing, remind yourself how fun it is to be a bride! While classic designs exist, keep your mind open to adding a little bit of character to your gown. Experiment with appliques–they add texture and an artistic flair to your gown–because when creatively placed, they can be stunning.


3. Opt for one-of-a-kind looking lace.

There will always be brides who love lace. If you’re one of them, then please know that there are so many options and different types of lace out there, and some of them are extremely unique-looking! Even the most simple, classic wedding gown can instantly be made to look different just by the type of lace used.


4. Don’t be afraid to use fun elements.

Think about adding gorgeous bows, feathered vests, or sparkling capes to your wedding dress, for that added wow factor. Aside from looking beautiful on your big day, you’ll also be feeling extra unique because of all the fun elements incorporated in your dress.


5. Put a twist to a classic style.

We can never discount the uniqueness of an unconventional dress design. We’re all for surprise elements being added to wedding dresses! But if you’re not the type of bride who likes going all-out, you can always opt for subtly bold elements instead, like this gown’s sexy cutout put right above the waist, giving the dress such a distinct look!


Remember, your wedding day is your day! So whatever you choose to wear, wear it confidently. You will only be as beautiful as the smile you wear when you walk down the aisle!


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