You’ll Want to Head to Morocco After Seeing This Warm and Dreamy Engagement!

To experience the mood, the ambience, and the overall atmosphere of Marrakech is absolute #travelgoals. With its understated desert beauty, hidden brick alleyways, and charming warmth-filled atmosphere, it’s pretty clear why this dessert oasis is easily a bucket list travel destination–and a heaven-sent engagement shoot location! Luis and Abby looked every bit the romantic touristy couple as ProudRad photographed them around the stunning locale. What’s better is that this couple matched their outfits to the setting they were in–I love what they did, and I suggest you pay attention to their fittingly stylish ensembles. On your very own pre-wedding shoot, think about matching your outfits to the surroundings too, for some amazing visual results. Enjoy this set, ladies!

If you haven’t yet, go check out this couple’s beautiful all-white Moroccan wedding too!

Photographer: ProudRad
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