9 Tips for Glowing Skin That You Should Know Before Your Wedding

Ladies, we all know how having beautiful skin is of utmost importance–all the more on your wedding day, right? There’s just something about that well coveted glowing and dewy look that all of us are going crazy over! So to help you with your pre-wedding skincare routine, we gathered up some valuable tips on how to keep your skin as glowing and fresh-looking as ever. Go have a look at them now!


1. Be mindful of your everyday habits

Having good skin can be as easy as sanitizing your phone, and making sure that whatever touches your face is rid of any germs that may clog your pores and result in pimples. Also, the next time you apply hairspray or any other beauty product besides skincare and makeup, cover your face with a clean towel to protect your skin. Another habit to practice is yes, to exercise regularly. Not only does exercise put you in good shape, it gives your body the necessary blood circulation as well, which also accelerates the cleansing process of your whole body.


2. Choose what you put in your body

Drinking lemon water every morning helps your skin look fresh because of the antioxidants that are found in lemons. Loading yourself up with antioxidant rich drinks such as delicious and healthy berry smoothies is also another great way to give your skin a glow, while keeping you full as well.


3. Know the best way to apply products onto your skin

Do not neglect your neck and chest area when applying skincare products. It’s not only your face that needs some love and care. Also, the next time you apply your skincare products, use your ring finger (the weakest finger), so as to prevent unwanted wrinkles. Another tip is to dab or massage products onto your skin in an upward, outward motion instead of rubbing or tugging on it.


4. Wash your face with only warm water every morning

What? Just water? Well, that’s because your face was kept clean while you were sleeping the whole night, which means your face does not need any of those other products–besides water. Go give it a try, it might just work for you.


5. Do not dry your face with a towel after you wash

By air-drying, you do not risk pulling or putting anything unnecessary on the delicate skin of your face. This will not only prevent unwanted wrinkles and pimples, it will also keep in the moisture your skin. Give it a go, maybe this is something you would want to try out.


6. Keep your skin in mind when you do your makeup

Apply primer before putting on makeup to prevent the makeup from penetrating all the way through your skin. Also, one very important thing is to clean your makeup brushes regularly–no excuses.


7. Introduce one product at a time to your skin

It is a big no-no to use more than one or two skincare products in one go. This may be too harsh on the skin, and can result in more breakouts and clogged pores–definitely not something you would want to have before your big day. So the next time you get tempted to get into the fad of applying several products all at once, remember to take it easy, and give your skin some time.


8. Wear sunscreen everyday–rain or shine

Just because the sun does not seem to be showing itself does not give you any excuse for not applying sunscreen. Radiation is real, ladies. Putting on sunscreen daily will slow down your skin’s aging process. Not now age spots and wrinkles–say hello to youthful, glowing skin.


9. Go the extra mile for your skin once a week

At least once a week, give yourself a pampering me-time session by exfoliating all those dead skin cells and putting your favorite face mask on, for that guaranteed youthful glow.


I hope these tips help, ladies! Remember to glow from the inside-out. Wishing you only the best on your big day!


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  1. Such amazing tips, I love these sort of posts because there is always something new to learn in beauty and knowing the tips & tricks can make life so much easier.

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