7 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas The Ladies Would Want to Receive

Hooray! February’s right around the corner, and we’re counting the days until Valentine’s. To the guys out there: Are you as excited as we are, or pressured because you still don’t have any idea what to give your special someone? We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift during this special occasion, and if you’re looking for more than the classic chocolates and flowers, we’re here to help. We’ve listed down a few interesting and unique finds that you can give your S.O. based on her personality. Go ahead and check them out!


1. The Fashionista

If she loves to acessorize and take OOTDs when you go out, consider gifting her some of these cool items! Try shades, earrings, or a new tote–maybe even all!

Tip: Insert a handwritten letter inside the pouch or bag of the item you’re giving for a touching surprise.



2. The Beauty Conscious

Whether it’s skincare or makeup, we’re sure your beauty conscious partner will appreciate the gesture of getting something they’re passionate about. Bath bombs are perfect for giving them a relaxing experience in the bath tub, while lipstick never fails to be a classic gift to give to a lady!

Tip: Go for red or heart-themed makeup products to match the Valentine’s Day spirit!


3. The Homebody

If your girl’s the type to spend her days at home, then nno worries! Cute items like socks or onesies will make surely make your S.O. feel comfy.

Tip: Try to spray your perfume on the items, so that everytime she wears it, it will remind her of you!



4. The Movie or TV Show Buff

Are you guys a fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Game of Thrones? Try getting something related to those TV or movie shows that you both enjoy! A geeky gift is totally sweet, too!

Tip: Prepare a screening of that show on the day you give the presents for the full experience.



5.  The Sentimental Type

It’s always sweet to have photos of you two close by, so why not get each other matching lockets? Instead of wearing them though, you can opt for a keychain.

Tip: Choose a photo of you guys from one of the early days of your relationship, and another recent one to really bring on the nostalgia.


6. The Foodie

Food bouquets are so awesome! If your partner is allergic to flowers, this is a great alternative. You can go from greasy to healthy, depending on which one she would enjoy more. Or why not a box of delicious cold cuts?! It’s something you can enjoy together, and in the comfort of your own home. Bring out the wine and some candles to make it extra romantic!

Tip: Have the bouquet arranged in a heart, or have some of the food cooked into heart-shaped pieces for a unique touch!


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