5 Reasons Why Iza Calzado Will Be One of the Most Elegant Celebrity Brides

So Iza Calzado just got engaged to Ben Wintle, and we are beyond thrilled! This gorgeous couple has always been a favorite of ours here at Bride and Breakfast, so you can be sure that we will be following their journey until the big day. But before that, let’s settle down, enjoy, and have fun with the idea that Iza will be the next bride to watch! She’s totally got our vote on being one of the most stunning bride-to-be’s in this decade. Here are some reasons why.


1. Her beauty is timeless.

It’s pretty apparent that Iza has one of the most beautiful faces in the movie and television industry. But her face is not only gorgeous, her features are very sophisticated as well. Now imagine her with the special bridal glow that every bride gets. Enough said.


2. She pulls off the most elegant white ensembles.

For some reason, bride-to-be’s are drawn to wearing white as they go through their wedding planning. Iza’s been pulling off white even before she said yes to Ben. And if this is how she does white, we can’t wait to see more of this!


3. She knows the balance of candid and classy.

Watching how candid her proposal video was, you know this girl knows how to have a good laugh. But even if so, we still think she’s really classy!


4. She’s an example of the modern-day regal woman.

There is something about the way she carries herself with confidence. Just one look and you see a woman who is passionate, strong, and motivated. She represents many of the modern-day Filipina brides. And we love it!


5. Her adoration and admiration for Ben (and vice versa) make both of them even better looking than they already are.

How good looking is this couple, right? But more than just looks, they are totally devoted to each other. Here are some of their photos and a snippet of the proposal that will make you cry buckets!


There you have it, folks. Again, we wish Ben and Iza the best! Congratulations, and we can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle.



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