Watch This Beautiful Wedding Video and Try To Keep Your Emotions in Check!

Guess what: We’re treating you to another wedding video today! Lula Films sent over Hung and Cath’s wedding highlights, and we’re just so entranced. Capturing many shots of Boracay Island, this video is equally beautiful as it is emotional. You can practically feel how perfect these two are for each other, and look at how their friends and family agree! Style-wise, I love their black and white color scheme. If you noticed, the entourage is wearing black, while both the bride and the groom are sporting white outfits. Coupled with white blooms and the backdrop of the blue sea, this definitely turned out to be charming. Go ahead and watch the video below, and let us know what you love about it too!


Wanna see more of the celebration? Check out these amazing photos from MangoRed below!


Videographer: Lula Films / Photographer: MangoRed
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