13 of the Punniest Wedding Hashtags We’ve Seen So Far

I was going through our Bride and Breakfast Instagram page one day, when I came across an old #bnbwedding chat post. We asked you what your wedding hashtags were, and I was so amused with your answers, that I just had to share some of them! I will tell you now that I am a fan of the ones that shipped their names (creatively!) and used word play. So here are the 13 punniest wedding hashtags that totally got me to laugh out loud. See if they can make you LOL too!


#SosBolz Groom's Name: Nico Bolzico | Bride's Name: Solenn Heussaff #JuanWithNica Groom's Name: Juan Miguel | Bride's Name: Nica #TwoWongsMakeARight Groom's Name: James Wong | Bride's Name: Nikki #MaiLoEveryday Groom's Name: Carlo | Bride's Name: Maiki #DerekGetsTanned Groom's Name: Derek | Bride's Name: Kris Tan #MarkedByAnAngel Groom's Name: Mark | Bride's Name: Angel #HazeGotHacked Groom's Name: Hacket | Bride's Name: Haze #SahBogsForever Groom's Name: Von Bognot | Bride's Name: Sarah #YutucMyBradAway Groom's Name: Bradford | Bride's Name: Paula Yutuc #OnYourMarkGetSteph Groom's Name: Mark | Bride's Name: Stephie #UnitedKimdong Groom's Name: Edong | Bride's Name: Kim #PacYes2015 Groom's Name: Paco | Bride's Name: Yessa #AiPhilTheLove Groom's Name: Phil | Bride's Name: Aira


Got an even punnier one? Share it with me in the comments below!


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