8 Important Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Your Wedding Shoes

Your wedding shoes are an important fashion accessory to finish off your bridal look, and we all know how crucial finding the perfect pair will be! From walking down the aisle to rocking it on the dance floor, you have to make sure your feet will make it through the night. So, we asked help from custom shoe designer Jefferson Si, for tips on how brides can have an easier time shopping for the right heels (or flats!). Read on to find out!

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1. Avoid the unnecessary stress.

Your bridal shoes are just as important as your bridal dress. Make sure you devote time to look for the perfect pair or consider having a pair custom made for your big day early on. This is what puts a lot of stress on many brides weeks or even days before the wedding.


2. That “This is it!” moment applies to your shoes as well.

Don’t just settle for what’s available. Walk down the aisle in something you love–they’re going to be your feet’s best friends for the day.


3. It’s never too early to scout and shop for your bridal shoes.

For one, you need your shoes when you do your gown fittings for hemline adjustments. Two, you might realize that the one you have isn’t the comfiest pair that will keep you well-heeled for the day. At least, if this happens, you still have enough time to look for new ones!


4. The three things to keep in mind when looking for your bridal shoes are style, need, and height.

What’s the exact heel height needed to close the height gap between you and your groom? Is there a tradition in the family to wear only closed shoes during weddings? Is it a garden wedding that requires wedges or block heels? There are actually quite a lot of determining factors in choosing your shoes!


5. Never undermine the power of comfort.

Imported luxury labels look ridiculously pretty in photos, but most of the time these are also the most painful shoes for Asian feet (wide and flat-footed). It’s not worth it to sacrifice comfort on your special day for the label’s sake. You wouldn’t wanna end up with blisters or broken toenails on your honeymoon!


6. Let’s face it, bridal shoes can be expensive too.

Because of this, it would also be really cool if you could find something you can use even after the wedding. After all, aside from the jewelry, this is one of the easiest things you can repurpose in your bridal ensemble!


7. Don’t let the size of your feet limit your choices.

For brides with a shoe size of 4 (or even 12!), it’s nearly impossible to find something that’s both pretty and comfortable. Having your shoes custom-made, which is the same thing as having your dress custom-made by a couturier, can help you out. It can also save you from the shoe hunting stress!


8. Be yourself.

Your bridal shoes speak a lot about who you are. Make sure they’re a reflection of your style and personality!


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