5 Wise Love Lessons We Learned From Tricia Gosingtian and RG Gabunada’s Wedding

Most of us know who Tricia Gosingtian is. Being one of the most popular bloggers of her generation, we’ve seen her transform from a pretty girl to a beautiful lady–and so much more on her wedding day.

But having attended Tricia and RG’s wedding, I realized that what makes them more attractive (other than the fact that these two lovebirds are good looking already) is that their love for each other is simply humble and pure. These two did not just fall in love, they genuinely grew in love together. This is a love story of two simple people finding the most in each other.

And to celebrate their great love with them, here are the most breathtaking photos of their wedding by Toto Villaruel.

By spending their wonderful day with them, I came up with five wise love lessons we can definitely learn from these guys!

1. Good is not bad. (And bad is… well, not so good.)

Girls, let’s admit it. We’re usually attracted to the “bad boys”. Mostly in movies and sometimes in real life too. But the speeches given by Tricia and RG’s family and friends all had a common point. RG is a good guy–he is sweet, kind, respectful, responsible, and loving. And all of this played a big part in winning not only Tricia’s heart, but her loved ones as well. It really is the good guy who gets the girl. So ladies, maybe it’s time to give up the bad guy craze and give the good guys a chance. What do you say?

2. Sincerity trumps style.

Tricia lives in a world where fashion and beauty are important. And from that standpoint, she could have easily focused on how others would see her wedding. Instead, she decided that her wedding was going to reflect who they sincerely were as a couple. It had all the elements that made them happy, and it was just a bonus that it turned out to be really, really pretty. Yes, the wedding was stylish, but what made it even more beautiful was the fact that they decided to celebrate not just their wedding, but their entire relationship and everything leading up to that moment. We can all take this lesson to heart. While we want our wedding day to be absolutely perfect in every way, sometimes just being genuine is the most beautiful decoration there is. (We even got to watch the proposal video of RG, which was so adorbs!)

3. Mutual respect and adoration are the secrets of a successful relationship.

Their personal vows to each other showed how both of them loved, admired, and respected each other equally, how they celebrated each other’s strengths and beauty, and how they both felt like they hit the jackpot by finding one another. Cue tears!

4. You’ve got to give your 101% all the time. 

The night before the wedding, RG completed the surprise song he made for Tricia. And with the help of his brother, he was able to compose lyrics to a tune he once came up with years back.

Here’s the song RG made for Tricia:

And when we asked Tricia how she felt, this is what she shared:

But the message is simple and clear. Everyday you love, give it your 101%.

5. Surround yourself with people who strengthen your relationship.

RG and Tricia didn’t make their wedding just about the two of them. With the whole family sharing speeches and having surprise performances, they made it a family affair. I think that’s such a great way to start a marriage–with people who really love and trust you, supporting you in words and actions.

See the rest of Toto Villaruel’s photos from RG and Tricia’s beautiful wedding below.

Photographer: Toto Villaruel / Bride’s Dress: Vania Romoff / Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Groom’s Attire: Signet / Reception Venue: Conrad Hotel / Ceremony Venue: Manila Cathedral / Makeup Artist: Anthea Bueno / Hairstylist: Ethan David
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