Smokin’ Sweet Sophistication

Heads up, loves! You’re in for a smokin’ treat this Thursday afternoon. Kenneth and Christine’s e-sesh looks oh-so-fun with all those colorful smoke bombs! Thanks to Rainbowfish Photography for giving us a glimpse into this set full of character and a bucketful of attitude. With fun outfits styled by Cuckoo Cloud Concepts, this e-sesh is definitely the bomb!

Photographer: Rainbowfish Photo / Makeup Artist: Markie Bautista / Styling: Cuckoo Cloud Concepts
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The Look




  1. Love the photos! The couple must’ve enjoyed the e-sesh so much – I mean, it’s all over their faces!

    Btw, are those colored smoke bombs DIY? I’d love to know where you got them!

  2. This is great! I would love to use colored smoke bombs/ flares as well for our engagement shoot. May i know where did you got/buy them?

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