5 Things to Consider When Choosing Entertainment for Your Wedding

When it comes to entertainment for your wedding, you’ve got a lot of options. You could go with a soloist, a duet, a trio, a quartet, a quintet, a choir/chorale, a harpist, a pianist, a violinist, a guitarist, a live band, a DJ, and the list goes on! With all these options to choose from, how do you go about choosing what’s best for you on your special day? Here are five things to consider when choosing entertainment for your wedding day.

1. Your venue

One of the first things to consider is space. Does your venue have the space to fit the entertainment you want and their equipment? (And don’t forget your dancing guests!) If you’re limited on space, we’d recommend going for entertainment in smaller numbers. Another thing you have to check are the acoustics of the room. If you want that rock-and-roll band but your venue’s got bad acoustics, it will only ruin everyone’s experience. Also find out if your venue has noise restrictions. Nobody wants to kill the mood of your wedding by shushing you.


2. Your personal style

What style or genre of music are you going for? Do you want the romance and whimsicality of a string quartet? Or the lively, popular beats of a DJ? Or maybe you want something cool like a jazz band? It’s up to you and what you want to be dancing to on your big day!


3. Specific songs

Are there any specific songs that you want played? Do you want to be able to request songs or will you be cool with whatever music your entertainment has prepared? A soloist and a DJ can probably take requests but you might want to check with the bands and string musicians. It’s not always easy to play or sing just any song at the spur of the moment.


4. Your budget

You can’t avoid it. You’ll always have to consider your budget when it comes to just about anything in your wedding. So you can apply the easy rule of thumb: the more entertainment you get, the more expensive it is. A band or a choir will definitely be more costly than a soloist and a DJ. But if you’ve got a big budget, go ahead and go with what makes you happy! You can even get different types of entertainment (e.g. a choir for the church service, a soloist for your bride and groom dance, and a live band for dancing with your guests)!

5. Your theme


If you’ve got a Latin-inspired theme for your wedding and have rock music for your entertainment, your guests might be a bit confused. While considering your theme is optional and not something you have to spend much thought on, it’s still better to make sure nothing clashes in your wedding.

While we’re hoping that this short list helps you choose your entertainment for your wedding, at the end of the day, you’ve got to be happy with your choice. Don’t choose your entertainment just because it matches your theme or plays the newest hits. Choose what will make you happy and make you dance the night away. It’s your wedding after all!

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