4 Reasons to Have a Grand Wedding

Weddings here in the Philippines are the epitome of celebrations. While your special day is yours and yours alone, it can also double as a reunion and mingling of family members from both the bride’s and the groom’s side. If you’ve been deciding wether or not to go big or small in terms of the guest size and overall feel for your wedding, then this piece might help you decide!

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1. You really have a big family and lots of friends.

And they love you! Now, some people are naturally extroverted, making them more energized by having a lot of their family and friends around them. That’s awesome! If you can manage the big volume of people you’re planning to invite, then by all means, go ahead and invite them. They’ll go because they want to be a part of your love story, and that’s also a wonderful gift in itself.


2. Making that guest list might have just gotten easier. Since you don’t have to think too hard about who you should or shouldn’t invite, this might work out for you. You can invite anyone and everyone you genuinely like–but don’t get pressured to invite the whole town!

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3. It’s not breaking the bank.

Don’t forget about this super important point! More people may also spell out more expenses. No one’s stopping you and your hubby-to-be from getting a lot of people to go to your wedding as long as it fits the budget, so if it’s a-ok with your wallet, then why not?


4. It’s how you always envisioned your wedding to be. You’ve always wanted lots of chatter, photos, and people from all walks of your life be present. You really want to spend the reception going around tables and catching up with everyone. Sounds so much fun! If you wanted a big wedding venue, you also get to fill it up with the lovely people you invited. Plus, more wedding gifts, too! wink

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You control what happens to your wedding, so if more people makes your merrier, then go ahead and make that happen. Enjoy planning out your dream wedding, loves!

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