Belle and Adrien are Making Wedding Preps Look So Chill Before Their Big Day

It’s only a couple more sleeps until Belle and Adrien become husband and wife, and we couldn’t be more excited! It was certainly such a pleasure working with the couple for their pre-wedding shoot, and it looks like their road to forever is going pretty smoothly as well. Allow us to show you why!

Let’s start things off with the #Bellechorette that got everyone screaming #SquadGoals.


Nothing says easy breezy more than a bachelorette party in Bali! It’s the ultimate getaway from the city!


A view like that? Such a perfect place to unwind.


I’m sure the girls got just the perfect slice of paradise amidst their busy schedules.


Fast forward to a few days before their big day and it’s off to Italy they go. Just look at their faces–stress doesn’t even seem to be in their vocabulary!


A view like this? It couldn’t get any more chill.


Just look at Belle sipping on some cocktails by the beach with her high school besties! There’s nothing like a nice sunset sesh!


While Adrien goes for a swim, he looks pretty chill about everything.


Yup, definitely chillin’.


They seem to just be enjoying each other’s company!


And even if Belle’s wedding favors got stuck in the Rome customs, she’s still got time to chill.


I mean, if they’ve got time for Instagram, then they definitely have got time to chill. (Check out the Nico-Adrien comments, they’re just too hilarious!)


Well, basically, everyone’s pretty chill about this wedding in Italy except us because we just CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE PHOTOS!! So can we please just fast forward to the weekend already? Congratulations in advance, Belle and Adrien!

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