12 Impossibly Gorgeous Blue Weddings

Blue skies, blue sea, and a bunch of beautiful blue weddings! What’s not to love about this versatile color? From lighter shades like baby blue to deeper ones like navy, allow me to make your day even better with this exciting compilation that will surely take your breath away! I have a good feeling that these will boost your day with lots of love and happiness! Oozing with style and tastefulness, I bet you might even consider choosing this color for your own wedding!

So why don’t you check out the rest of the photos, and have a bright and bubbly day ahead!


1. Now take a look at those midnight blue bridesmaid dresses! Just how intricate are they? Check out the rest of this wedding here! [Photo: Marlon Capuyan]


2. This baby blue wedding is absolute eye candy! I just can’t stop staring at it! [Photo: Toto Villaruel]


3. How can you not love this blue Boracay wedding?! They chose the perfect shade of blue for a beach celebration, and I am absolutely smitten. See it here! [Photo: Mayad Studios]


4. An absolute dust blue delight, this wedding is! Perfectly chic and charming! Visit the whole set here. [Photo: Myio Okamoto Photography]


5. Blue and Balesin? A surefire way to pull off a lovely wedding! You surely don’t want to miss this–check it out here! [Photo: Bryan Venancio]


6. So much love for this Coachella-themed celebration! The burst of colors and the joyous vibe will surely make your day better and brighter! [Photo: WeDoItForLove]


7. I am head over heels in love with this grand and romantic wedding in Macau! The use of the color teal for the bridesmaid dresses surely made this wedding a lot more beautiful–if that’s even ever possible! See for yourself! [Photo: Nelwin Uy]


8. This stunning navy blue wedding is hands down one of the classiest blue weddings I have ever seen. See this grand and gorgeous wedding here! [Photo: Ian Santillan]


9. Okay, we need to talk about how lovely this powder blue wedding gown is. Isn’t it so easy on the eyes? Saying that I love it would be an understatement! Take a look at the rest of the photos here. [Photo: One Carlo Photography]


10. This luscious beach wedding of Eric and Tiffany is just perfection. You need to see how they were able make the different shades of blue work so well together! Check out the whole set! [Photo: Lloyed Valenzuela Photography]


11. Pretty petals and beautiful blues. Just two of the many reasons why we adore this blue wedding! Take a look at the whole gallery. [Photo: MangoRed]


12. Last, but definitely not the least, this tropical tale set in Thailand is a tasteful mix of class and playfulness. You wouldn’t want to miss this! [Photo: Nez Cruz]


We hope you had a great time browsing these beautiful blue weddings! Don’t be shy and let us know what your personal favorites are! Have a sweet day!

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