12 Wedding Movie Moments You Need To Watch

And because we are still on a high from Valentine’s Day (insert happy dance here!), the Bride and Breakfast team decided to list down some of the most notable wedding movie moments ever–from the funny to the kilig/sweep-you-off-your-feet type of scenes–we’ve got it all! So if you and your S.O. still want to have another date night (because everyday is Valentine’s Day!), might we suggest any of these movies for a post-V-Day movie (marathon) night? I would definitely say yes to that kind of date!

1.  Sex and the City

The proposal and wedding scene

If you were an SATC fan then you were probably a big fan of Mr. Big (okay, or maybe Aidan). There’s just something about his debonair and dashing demeanor that gets me every single time. So when this Manolo Blahnik shoe proposal finally happened, hallucinatory hearts of all shapes and sizes started coming out of the screen. Talk about ending the entire series in the most Carrie style!

TM & © Warner Bros. (2008)

2. Bridesmaids

The Wilson Phillips scene

Now if you want a good laugh, this scene from Bridesmaids is perfect for you! And if you are a huge Wilson Phillips fan, then even better! Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig were completely hilarious! And to be honest, I was practically crying from laughter the entire movie. And this last part was definitely a favorite!

© Universal Pictures (2011)

3. Father of the Bride

The night before the wedding scene

This movie is probably one of my favorite wedding movies. But this scene especially? Oh gosh, it just tugs at my heartstrings! I can just imagine the heartbreak of Steve Martin’s character the night before the wedding! And when it started snowing towards the end of this scene? Cue the tears, please.

© Buena Vista Pictures (1991)

4. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

This particular scene definitely brought the entire Bride and Breakfast team to wedding decor dreamland. That aisle backdrop was too gorgeous for words. And don’t even get us started when the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth played. Remember that scene from the first movie? I would’ve included that scene in this list too, if it fell in the same category. But this scene would most definitely do!

© Summit Entertainment (2011)

5. The Proposal

The marry me end scene

Who would’ve thought that this kind of proposal would work? Well, if the guy asking you is handsome, charming, funny, sweet, and a Ryan Reynolds lookalike, then I would probably say yes in a heartbeat. Sandra Bullock, you are one lucky gal! Or if we want real talk here… Blake Lively, you are one lucky gal!

© Walt Disney Studios (2009)

6. My Best Friend’s Wedding

My best friend saves the day scene

This is a special one. Anyone who disagrees with me when I say that this scene is the sweetest thing ever should be smacked on the head ten times (even 100 times for that matter). This doesn’t even need an explanation anymore. All I need now is my very own George Downes to save the day in case something like this happens to me!

© TriStar Pictures (1997)

7. Runaway Bride

If we included the previous movie, then we might as well add Runaway Bride to the list, right? So for the guys reading this… If Julia Roberts starts kneeling down on one knee telling you how much she loves you and how much she wants to marry you, you better say yes! Not in Richard Gere style, you say yes right away!

© Paramount Pictures & Buena Vista Pictures (1999)

8. The Wedding Singer

The airplane scene

There’s just something about Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s love team that gives me the feels… And it all started here. Come on, I think we can all agree when I say that this scene is a bucketful of kilig! What’s sweeter than a guy serenading you with an original about growing old with you. Nothing, I tell you! Nothing!

© New Line Cinema (1998)

9. Mamma Mia!

It’s not enough that we were graced with Meryl Streep and three dashing men singing and dancing. We also were reminded how immensely gorgeous Pierce Brosnan still is in this movie! And while singing to the song I do, I do, I do, I do, I do? It doesn’t get any better than that!

© Universal Pictures (2008)

10. 27 Dresses

The bridesmaids dresses scene

Can a girl really have this many bridesmaids dresses? Apparently Katherine Heigl’s character in 27 Dresses can! And mind you, all the dresses definitely had that X factor. Don’t believe me? Just see for yourself!

© 20th Century Fox (2008)

11. Love Actually

The wedding recessional surprise scene

I’m sure everyone knows about that famous cue cards scene in the latter part of the movie. But can we also talk about this underrated scene from the start of the movie? Granted that it wasn’t exactly the husband’s doing… It’s still such a sweet and romantic gesture, and I would totally bawl my eyes out if this happened to me.

© Universal Pictures (2003)

I hope we didn’t miss anything you like! If ever we did, let us know your favorite wedding movie moment below, and we’ll watch it right away!

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