Jeeves Manila: Fine Dry Cleaning For Your Wedding Gown

Remember that moment? When you knew it was the one? You cried. You couldn’t believe it. You are the bride and this is your dress. Yes, it’s one of the dreamiest things you’ll wear in this lifetime, and deep in your heart, you knew that this was something that would change your life forever.

You see, your wedding dress isn’t just a garment or a piece of clothing… it’s not just something you wear for a day. If you really really think about it, your wedding dress holds the most precious memories of the best day of your life. Seeing and touching it will open floodgates of nostalgic moments—like how your heart was beating so fast before the church doors opened, or your walk down the aisle and the endearing love you felt when your now husband struggled to keep his composure as he saw the most beautiful bride, the love of his life. Your wedding dress speaks volumes; about dancing with your father and how you felt like a princess filled with overflowing joy. Your wedding dress is priceless because it holds priceless memories. And you deserve to keep them, to remember them, to pass them on to your children—because that dress speaks of the greatest love story ever told.

To ensure that you’ll be able to do this, we discovered one of the best ways to preserve your stunning dress. Watch this video to find out why this is the best investment you can ever make for your wedding gown.

Videographer: Hello & Co. Cinema / Venue: Fairmont Makati / Voiceover: Mark Reynolds
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