Nico and Solenn: 5 Wedding Details That Will Make You Scream #WeddingGoals

So we can’t hide the fact that we are looking forward to Nico and Solenn’s wedding in France! How could you not love this couple?! We’ve gathered five reasons to love their upcoming nuptials even more.

1. Preparation is a family affair.

Solenn is super thankful that her parents and sister are heavily involved in the wedding preparations for her wedding in France. Her sister Vanessa, even designed her wedding invite! We also heard sweet sis is making sure the wedding styling is on point (I mean having had experience with her own ridiculously gorgeous wedding, no doubt Solenn is in good hands)! What are sisters for right?


2. The church in France where she’s getting married is simply breathtaking.

Majestic is an understatement. I would bet there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the room on the day Solenn walks down the aisle.


3. The celebration of their union in Argentina was pretty epic.

No doubt about it. These two lovebirds and their families know how to have a good time. We’re totally hooked on this idea of an engagement celebration! I mean, who says no to good food, family and dancing right?


4. Their pre-wedding editorial showed us how goofy these two are with their pre-wedding activities.

Whoops! Count on Solenn to be a sport even after that fall. She just laughed it off and marched on like a good trooper! No wonder Nico is smitten.



5. The proposal was so darn sweet it makes us want to cry.

From Solenn:

“His proposal was the best. Simple, but took a lot of work. He had all his friends send a video message and all my friends from around the world, some he hasn’t even met,. When I got back from work from a show in the States, I went to my parents house as I thought he was in Bacolod for work, my mum played me the video (which had me crying like a baby) and Nico was in my parents’ garden waiting to propose. I loved that it was simple and in the home I grew up in.”

Now off we go about our day with a big grin on our face. Oh, to be in love! We wish these two the best day ever!

In case you haven’t done so yet, make sure you check out Nico and Solenn’s photos by Mark Nicdao and their pre-nup video by Jason Magbanua!

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