Community Post: Best Wedding Advice Ever

Here at Bride and Breakfast, we just love hearing from all of our readers. As your virtual wedding best friend, we wanna make sure that this relationship isn’t just a one way show! Over the past few months, we’ve been dropping questions on Instagram about all things weddings, and we are just thrilled that you answered us back. Here’s some wedding advice from your fellow readers. Enjoy, darlings!


@harriettabella: “YOUR wedding, YOUR rules! ?? Best advice ever. Saved me [from] so much stress and heartache, haha! ??”

@heatherlessiter: “I always tell brides, no matter what happens, if you are married at the end of it, it went the way it was supposed to.”


@korkydua: “Always be up front with finances. AND marry the one who understands the ‘need’ for an SDE.”

@jessicaloup: “Know your emcee very well. Choose someone who knows both of you and as much as possible related to you. An emcee plays a big, big role in the wedding. He/she can make or break your day!”

@mcrbsoriano: “Make sure you have fun! ? It’s your wedding day! Nobody/nothing should rain on your parade. ?”



So there you have it, folks. I hope you all picked up a thing a two from your fellow readers! Stay tuned for more #bnbweddingchat on our Instagram account. Don’t forget to comment because we love hearing from you! You can also let us know what questions you would like answered. You’ll never know, you just might find your answers here.

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