6 Popular Gown Silhouettes for 2016

Hey lovies! Helping all you brides-to-be plan your dream wedding is our number one priority. That is why we try to give you endless beautiful wedding inspiration! Today’s #BNBWEDDINGTUTORIAL round covers everything you need to know about the popular wedding dress silhouettes for 2016–from classics to new trends, every single one is gorgeous as can be! So what are you waiting for? Hit that play button down below!

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1. Tea Length

Want to show off your va va voom legs on your wedding day? Keep it short and sweet with a tea length dress! Tea length dresses fall three to four inches below the knee. They’re called like that because according to Emily Post, this is what women in the 1920s would typically wear to the tea table. For the quirky and sweet bride, this might be the choice for you!


2. A-Line

The A-Line silhouette is cinched or fitted at the waist then gradually widens towards the bottom, forming the figure of a letter “A”. Iya Villania’s wedding gown has the same cut, and it was breathtakingly gorgeous in all angles. It’s a silhouette that can work for different body types, and is the best choice for disguising bottom-heavy figures. This will also go well with a carefree and boho-esque bride.


3. Sheath

Sheath or column dress cuts go well with brides who are on the slim side. It elongates the body as it has a narrow shape that flows straight down, and is the perfect look for that modern sophisticated feel. Remember when Bianca Gonzalez wore that Rosa Clara stunner to her wedding? That was one beautiful sheath dress! The sheath dress trend has definitely started to pick up some steam here in the Philippine wedding scene, and we cannot wait to see more brides don this look!


4. Tiered

A tiered cut has plenty of fabric layered all the way down to the bottom, making it appear it has lots of different tiers. It is a silhouette that can go well for all body types, and is a perfect cut for those who want to hide their wide hips. For that fun, flirty, and playful bride, the tiered silhouette is a sure pleaser! Can you just imagine yourself twirling around with this layered jewel? What a sight to behold!


5. Serpentina

Serpentina… Mermaid cut… Whatever you call it, we will identify this vixen of a silhouette in a heartbeat! How can we not? It’s sleek, sexy, and it’s completely perfect for accentuating those lovely curves. If you’re a bride who has an hourglass body type, don’t be shy. It’s time to show off those curves, baby!


6. Ball Gown

A cinched waist flowing down into a full-on skirt–this fairytale dress is a sure head-turner. Similar to the A-Line cut, it is ideal for a pear-shaped body type. Many celebrity brides, such as Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista, have chosen the princess ball gown for their big day, and it was a huge hit. If you want to feel like royalty or the belle of the ball on your wedding day, then this cut is the right fit for you!

That’s it for our wedding dress silhouette 101! We hope you learned a thing or two from this post! Let us know what you wore or what you will be wearing on your wedding day in the comments section below!

Photographer: Foreveryday Photography / Venue: Canvas / Wardrobe Stylist: Donna Gonzeles-Lim for Joie de Vivre Styling / Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Toni Aviles Makeup Artistry / Catering: Queensland Catering / Flowers & Decor: Moki Gray / Tea-Length Dress: Fanciful / A-Line Dress: Richie Ortega-Torres / Sheath/Column Dress: Jun Escario / Tiered Dress: Pablo Cabahug / Serpentina Dress: Von Lazaro / Ball Gown: Joe San Antonio / Sketches: Hannah Kong
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