10 Things to Do to Prepare for Your Bridal Look

That bridal glow doesn’t just happen overnight, you know. It take weeks and even months and months of preparation to achieve that youthful glow. So what steps can we exactly do to get that bridal glow? We consulted with Jasmine Mendiola, a Beauty Strategist and Wedding Makeup Specialist, to give us a rundown of her tried and tested tips for brides-to-be!

1. Skin Assessment
First things first, see your dermatologist and get to know yourself skin deep (pun intended). Find out if there are any treatments you need to do to get rid of gunk or acne, regularize your oiliness or your acidity, achieve healthy-looking skin that won’t eat up your makeup on your big day, etc. It’s important to start off with a clean canvas, so if you expect to bring out that glow on the big day, dust off what makes your face dull and dry.

2. Healthy Diet

What you put in your body is just as important–actually, even more important than what you put on your skin. So while you’re planning your diet program to fit in that dream gown of yours, make sure you eat right and drink your fill of eight glasses of water a day to keep the largest organ of your body hydrated and get healthy blood flowing to your facial veins to bring out that natural flush.

3. Salon Consultation
A good relationship with a salon stylist is just like having a regular go-to dentist or general physician. Talk to your stylist about your dream look. Take in consideration your gown’s neckline, how you want to wear your hair, if you’re wearing a type of veil or a hairpiece, and ask about what hair color best complements your skin tone and what haircut will best grow out into the right style in time for your big day. Do this ASAP.

4. Exercise
The healthy skin diet goes with toning and exercise. If you sweat enough, the toxins in your body leave your precious skin be and you can definitely count on less breakouts, less scars, less blackheads and, anything that can make #1 (your skin assessment) and everything else on this list harder than it already is.

5. Brow Construction

Beauty is not measured by the amount of makeup you wear–it’s literally measured by the right symmetry and balance around your face. So grow out your brows to its natural form and get a professional to shape it. If it needs filling, you may or may not have it semi-permanently filled. (Your wedding day makeup artist can fill that out for you–for the meantime, learn how to do it yourself. It’s a good habit to have!) If your brows need cleaning up, at least you’ll know how it should be done and you can maintain it without over-plucking. This sets the right proportions that will frame your face nicely, just as it should be.

6. Skin Care Regimen

It only takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I am a believer in having a good skincare regimen, almost like a religion! Dry skin hastens wrinkles while oily skin just makes skin prone to all sorts of problems. So cleansing, toning, and moisturizing with sun protection and extra-TLC for the lips and eyes day and night make a huge difference in the long run. Do it for 21 straight days and it will be just as easy as brushing your teeth regularly, you’ll see!

7. Hair and Makeup Trial
Even if you’ve already had your hair and makeup done by your chosen makeup artist, it’s still highly recommended that you “practice” your wedding day look with your specific bridal needs in mind: talk about the preparations scenario, the schedule, the look you want to sport during preparations, the ceremony, and the reception, and how they all tie in with your wedding theme, your outfit changes, and your accessories. Simulate the same skin and lighting conditions and test how your makeup will possibly register on photos. We usually suggest either getting your hair and makeup trial done during your engagement pictorial so you can also get builds from your photographer or when you’re also scheduled to fit your gown so you can see the whole look come together.

8. Hair Color

This may not be for those who have never really had any treatment done on their hair, but if you have dark hair, looking at hairstyle pegs of blonde girls just won’t work because you won’t get the same effect. So consider coloring your hair to add dimension and depth in whatever hairstyle you choose to sport. It will certainly “damage” your hair and entail additional salon treatments to keep it healthy way after the wedding, but “damaging” your hair with hair color actually also allows for it to be malleable enough to achieve any hairstyle you might want to wear for the big day. Do this as early as possible so you can get used to the color and have revisions done with a six-month lead-time between coloring. Then touch up your roots at least three weeks before the wedding date.

9. Facial Hair Removal
Hair on your cheeks and upper lip tend to cast shadows on your face and make it more difficult to make the skin look smoother and brighter. The upper lip facial hair can even make you look like you’re frowning! So along with your eyebrow threading, get rid of your facial hair for a super smooth canvas. It sure hurts but it’s so worth it when you see your final look! Get this done at least a week prior to the wedding date so that if you’re the type whose skin gets red and blotchy after hair removal, your skin has time to recover.

10. Skin Facial
A facial massage and mild pricking or diamond peeling a week prior to the wedding day is a must, if only to pamper you a bit before the big day. (Throw in your usual manicure and pedicure–French-tipped nails or a subtle pink gel polish that is crack proof!) If you don’t have the time to go get one, up your #6 (skin care regimen) with a thorough cleansing, a brightening mask, and use some massaging strokes when you apply your moisturizer for a D.I.Y. facial of your own! Press your three middle fingers on the top of your brows and under your eyes just on top of your cheekbones, and alternately stroke your cheeks in an upward motion, as well as your forehead. This will promote proper blood circulation around your face and detoxify your skin. End with a nice cold slice of cucumber on each eye, or a cold spoon, or a used teabag–whatever works to depuff those tired eyes from all your last minute wedding preps!

I kid you not, you can be wedding ready and these ten things will keep you happy as you go through them along with all the other preparations you’re enjoying! Have a beautiful bridal glow!

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