Irresistible Wedding Looks for Grooms

While we’re all busy pinning our dream wedding gowns to our secret Pinterest board, let’s get real here for a second. Grooms need to look as gorgeous during the big day–it’s their wedding too! So today, we’re breaking down some of the looks your groom can don come the wedding day. Whether your groom is the classic or the creative type, we’ve got some style tips for each! Check ’em out below!

The Classic

This style has got the three D’s down to a tee–dapper, debonair, and definitely dashing! If your wedding is leaning towards classic romantic, then this suit/tuxedo and tie/bow tie combo is the way to go!

TIP: We cannot stress this enough–tailor the fit to perfection. It doesn’t matter how expensive the suit is, if the fit isn’t right, then you’re in trouble. Remember, taper, taper, taper! Believe us, it makes all the difference!

[Wedding: The Breathtaking Blush / Photo: Toto Villaruel]

[Wedding: Gallantry and Grace / Photo: Nicolai Melicor]

[Wedding: Coastal Chic Celebration / Photo: MangoRed]

The classic doesn’t have to be necessarily in black and white. You can also explore different colors–spring tones, dark blue hues, you name it.

[Wedding: Wedding Editorial / Photo: Jaja Samaniego]

[Wedding: Simple Sweetness / Photo: Air Balloon Project]

[Wedding: Sweet Steady Sophistication / Photo: Toto Villaruel]

[Wedding: Beautiful Blue / Photo: We Do It For Love]


The Filipino Traditional

If you’re opting for a traditional Filipino wedding, the Barong Tagalog (a formal Filipino men’s wear made from a variety of indigenous fabricsmay very well be your choice of look. It’s a nice way of giving homage to our roots, and you have to admit, won’t you feel excited seeing your groom don this on the big day?

TIP: Most barongs, especially the ones that are made with Piña, contain very delicate fabric. So if you’ve decided to go for this look, you may opt to ditch the boutonniere to prevent damage to the fabric. Oh, and one more thing, V-neck undershirts are a no-no!

[Wedding: Seaside Syncopation / Photo: Lloyed Valenzuela Photography]


[Wedding: Pleasantly Patriotic / Photo: Your Ever After Studios]

The Creative

Embrace the creative in you! Whether it be bright red, studded, print-filled, or any other out-of-the-box idea, here’s a style that’s got some spunk and rad coolness. It’s perfect for the artsy and quirky kind of groom–no other explanation needed!

TIP: Aside from the perfect fit, which we’ve already mentioned, you can mix and match colors and prints for this look. If you’re already set on this style, then why not go full throttle, right? Keep in mind though, not everyone can carry it. So before setting anything in stone, be sure you and your S.O. have fully agreed to go for this look!

[Wedding: Seaside Sweethearts / Photo: Marlon Capuyan]

[Wedding: Grace and Gorgeousness / Photo: Rainbowfish Photography]

[Wedding: The Rocker and The Rose / Photo: J Lucas Reyes]

[Wedding: Wedding in Wonderland / Photo: Ryan Ortega]

There you have it, folks! We hope this post helped you and your groom choose which path to take!

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