6 Fun and Simple Bonding Activities Newlyweds Can Do

So you just got engaged! Of course wedding planning is totally fun. But we also suggest you prepare for the days after your wedding, when you enter your new home. We’ve scoured the MUJI Gift Registry for perfect activity ideas that you can do together in your new nest!


1. Set a weekly or monthly spa night at home. Going to nice spas may be a bit pricey so why not create your own spa at home? It makes a big difference if you really make an effort in creating that spa-like environment. Take it to the next level by putting on some nice spa music. You can also play your favorite, “conjugal” playlist (yes, you even have to agree on what songs to play) to set the mood according to your personal taste.

Set up your home spa with some candles, massage oils, a few drops of your favorite room scent and voila! You have your personal relaxing haven at home–and the best part is, you can enjoy it in your pajamas and bedroom slippers.


2. Cook together! This one is pretty fun. Granted, you may need practice nailing your mom’s famous recipe, but I’m pretty sure both of you will be so proud of the meal you got to cook together. If all else fails, there’s always take out.


3. Go on picnics when the weather is good. Bring along a book, or talk about future dreams and plans. We highly suggest you put away your mobile phones and spend time learning something new about your partner.


4. Play games while doing chores. Some newlyweds won’t have any helpers staying with them, and we all know that chores are not the most exciting thing to do. Playing silly games will actually make everything go by a lot quicker.


5. Go through your wedding photos and frame your favorite moments of the day. Sit down together and have a laugh at the wedding day bloopers (almost all of us have them)!


6. Put up a travel jar on the shelf and drop change whenever you can. Next thing you know, you’re off to your dream destination!


Remember, marriage takes effort. Make sure you think of creative and unique ideas to make it more fun and enjoyable! Share with us your other cool ideas of things that you can do with your partner. Have a great Thursday!

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