My Top 10 at the MUJI Gift Registry

Once in a while, I find time to write about something other than weddings. But don’t fret, this one is still bridal-related. In fact, I love it when I get to talk about things that could help out a couple in their wedding preparation. So let’s talk gift registry! It’s becoming common practice for couples to include more than one gift registry in their invitations. I love this because it opens up doors to more variety and choices for guests. One of my favorites is the MUJI Gift Registry. Because of their clean, simple, and no-fuss aesthetic, I was hooked. I mean, Japan is also known for great quality, so that’s a no brainer. I went around MUJI and eyed some adorable items I would love to receive (if I were to have a registry)!


1. MUJI luggage. This is a great choice and would always be an essential for couples. Be it for your honeymoon or for future travels, I totally suggest you include this in your registry. You never know, someone might decide to gift you with this awesome little thing.


2. These trash bins are love! So clean and chic, perfect for a home that wants a fresh look. Who said trash can’t be pretty?


3. Adorable baking molds and cookie cutters. For those ladies (or men) who love to bake, these are so cute. Affordable too!


4. A cast-iron pan. I cook, so I know how amazing a cast-iron pan is, especially for cooking steak. So try pampering your hubby with some scrumptious meals. Food is the way to a man’s (and maybe woman’s) heart.


5. Sheets and pillowcases. I am smitten with the soft material that MUJI uses. Makes staying in bed more fun.


6. Another fave of mine is this make-up travel bag. I sort of bring a lot of knick knacks when I travel. I love how simple this one looks–casual and tasteful, if you ask me.


7. Toiletry kits. These are super useful and a very practical choice. I love the basic colors that MUJI has!


8. Liquid containers. For a polished look in your bath, try coordinating your containers. I’d go for the transparent one.


9. The porcelain selection is pretty neat as well. Won’t an all-white kitchen be so dreamy?


10. More pots and pans. It’s obvious that I like to cook (or eat)! I always find myself getting lost in the home section of stores, and pots and pans will always be a welcome gift for me.


There are still so many great items in the store–be sure to swing by and see their selection for possible gifts for your wedding registry. Hope this was helpful for you! Happy Saturday!

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