A Bright and Beautiful Adventure

Summer is almost here, and oh boy, are we beyond words excited! We so can’t stop thinking about all the exciting places out there to see, love stories to discover, and adventures to go on! But as much as we’d like to teleport to places we constantly daydream of, reality tells us to be patient. Fret not, we have the next best thing though! We Are Seekers sent us first class tickets to Brian and Pauline’s bright and beautiful wedding! With splashes of bold and gorgeous tones all throughout their big day, you’re certainly gonna dream of shores, sunshine, and your sweetheart. And we super love the romantic short clip they did (you can see it below)!  A piña colada and a beach chair would be so good right now. Cheers to love and a lot of laid-back lovin’.

Photographer: We Are Seekers
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The Look