Hope and Help for the Philippines

Every Filipino knows what it means to experience flooding. And the past few days have been another huge obstacle for the Philippines. With rains that have been non-stop since Sunday, most of Manila is now submerged in water. And no matter how often we experience it, the pain, the terror, and the fear never changes. But apart from that, another thing that is constant is the bravery, unity, and generosity that emerges during and after such disaster.

I have food, shelter, and my family is safe. But millions of Filipinos are not so fortunate. Countless people have lost property, don’t have food or shelter, and are or will get sick. More than our spirit just being waterproof, I pray it will stir awe-inspiring giving, overflowing compassion, and unshakable action–because in times like this we get to prove the credibility of our character.

If you are moved to help you may give to the Philippine Red Cross. If you know someone who needs rescuing, go to #RescuePH.

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