The Grandest Glance

Since it’s been raining cats and dogs for hours now, I thought we might want to start the week with a bright and sunny set by Mark Cantalejo. We totally adore these photos because it shows how the Philippine wedding culture is certainly evolving. I mean, we still pretty much love traditions but we also jump at the idea of non-comforming practices. Today’s dashing sweethearts, Miguel and Pia, decided to see each other in private, before the ceremony. That first look was certainly well worth it. Pia looked divine in that dress! Plus, imagine seeing your reception area without the busy crowd–such a treat right? Although not many would gravitate to this practice, to some, that first glance can be one of the grandest they’ll experience in this lifetime.

Photographer: Mark Cantalejo / Reception Venue: Radisson Blu
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The Look