Seaside Simplicity

Here’s the honest truth, I’ve been a big fan of Marlon Capuyan ever since I discovered some of his work as I was browsing through wedding websites. And from day one he has not failed to deliver. We can’t get enough of the bright-as-the-sun affairs that he shares with B&B. And yes, today we have a sweet treat again because Brad and Lois’ beach bash is everything easy and effortless. We need more than 10 fingers to enumerate why this wedding is totally up our alley. Then again, we know that our faithful readers are very capable of spotting a good thing when they see it. A gorgeous bride, a gorgeous cake, and pretty much a gorgeous everything. It’s a happy, happy Tuesday for you and me!

Location: Zamboanga / Photographer: Marlon Capuyan / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Amor Rodriguez-Lapiz / Flowers & Decor: Patti Mae / Landscape Artist: Gaga Gardens / Videographer: Double Decker / Lights and Sounds: Nelson and Company / Second Photographer: Lyndon Naya / Invitations & Stationery: Arlyn Amores
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