Away We Go

I really enjoy engagement shoots wherein the personality of the couple shines through. It’s very fascinating to see elements that speak of who they are, what they like, or what they love come into play in a styled setting. Van and Kat’s shoot is such a great set displaying the thrill and wonder of travel and the vast sky. Van is a pilot and I thought this was such a cool way to bring in that detail–through the use of old school aircrafts! It anchored everything in a nostalgic appeal. I loved how NYAPS framed and directed the photography and gave such a cinematic feel to the shots. It perfectly complemented the clean styling of understated vintage charm!

Here’s a shoot that evokes wistful feelings of adventure and aviation. Up, up, here we go!

Photographer: NYAPS / Makeup Artist: Erin Cabrera / Stylist: Kimi Kim / Stylist: Jihan Muzada
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