Bridal Elegance Editorial: Patty Laurel for Bride and Breakfast

There will always be that unique glow as a woman is about to be betrothed. Love consumes her very soul as she dreams the day away. She is like a beautiful rose, so fragrant and fragile. And yes, her beauty shines like the radiant sun. Because Bride and Breakfast is committed to bringing you the most romantic of romantics, we collaborated with a creative team in capturing a Bridal Elegance Shoot that will inspire every bride out there.

So why this editorial? A Bridal Elegance Shoot is usually done before the bride gets married. It aims to capture the bride-to-be’s beauty, youth and happiness. We asked Patty Laurel to do this shoot with us before she said her I do’s because we wanted a real bride to help bring to life the emotion only a woman in love can emulate. And wow, she was definitely one of the most amazing (inside and out) real brides we’ve met. And while it may be true that we have featured our fair share of wonderful couple’s shoots, we’re still hoping to see more Bridal Elegance Shoots like this from real brides out there. (C’mon ladies! Celebrate that prettiness!)

With such a gifted team behind this collaboration, our jaws dropped when we saw the photos and video. And yes, I can’t think of a better way to start our week.

And of course the video by Mayad is just breathtaking…

Photographer: Cherryblocks / Head Wreath and Bicycle: Vatel Manila / Stylist: Aira Franco / Assistant Stylist: Fritz Mortel / Makeup Artist: Mayone Bakunawa / Bridal Elegance Video: Mayad / Hosted By: Bride and Breakfast / Model and Real Bride: Patty Laurel-Filart
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