Bam Aquino and Timi Gomez’s Filipiniana Wedding

So this has been one wedding we’ve been so excited to see for months now. Bam Aquino and Timi Gomez’s wedding is not only one to watch because they are known to the public eye here in the Philippines, but because this couple is genuinely amazing–and yes, so is their wedding. I know you’re hoping to see a long set of photos–I promise we’ll have them once our dear friend and amazing photographer Pat Dy gives it to us. In the meantime, enjoy the on-site slideshow by Pat and the same-day-edit video from Nice Print.

By the way, I can’t help but include a message we received from our gorgeous bride just a couple of hours ago–a heartwarming and down to earth message indeed! It makes blogging extra fulfilling!

Hey, Janna!

It’s great to finally connect with you, although I am sending this through the impersonal “Contact Us” section of your blog. Haha! I feel like I’ve known you a long time, considering I’ve been reading (or maybe stalking level na?) your blog since I became engaged to Bam on January 1st of this year. I lived alone in Shanghai up until nearly July 1st, so indeed your blog was an inspiring and heartwarming wedding planning companion in the first 6 months of this year! And I continued to follow it even when I got back to Manila and was finally surrounded by the face time of my family and friends! In fact, I am so addicted to your blog that I even checked it while on honeymoon here on Apulit Island (yes, I have wedding planning withdrawal) and surprise, surprise our two videos were your entry today! Imagine that. It has come full circle! Thank you for unknowingly being such a big part of my super enjoyable wedding planning, along with so many family and friends who have generously given of themselves to enrich what is our biggest day yet: September 15, 2012! (And thanks to your hubby too, whose quoting Ecclesiastes 3:11 in one B&B entry, which also made it on our wedding invitation! Now, I am really Simpao stalker level!)

Cheers, Timi

Photographer: Pat Dy / Videographer: Nice Print Photo
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