Hurray! We’re on!

It’s official! Bride and Breakfast is now on! (Ok, let me do some quick cartwheels for a minute…) Some of you might be wondering what all the excitement is about right? Well, I could you give a number of amazing reasons why I’ve been wearing this big grin on my face, but first, let me tell you about is the newest (and loveliest) visual search engine and cloud scrapbook for wedding inspirations. They’ve consolidated quality content, search-ability, technology and inspiration in one place, hence making idea and vendor hunting more fun!

So what does this have to do with us? Well from now on, the photos you see in B&B will also be in the database. This means people all over the world will get to see all the gorgeous weddings and things we get to write about. Also, regular B&B followers as well as those new ones to the site can check our Bride and Breakfast page if you wanna scour through our photos. And I guess, I’ve been walking on cloud nine, knowing we’re the first Philippine blog who got into their pool of credible blog contributors. So yes, that makes my Wednesday pretty darn fabulous.

Hurray for lovelies!

This is what looks like! I predict this website is gonna be every bride’s guilty pleasure.

Type “Bride and Breakfast” in the search box to see all B&B photos in the site.

Click a photo from the database for a close-up look and to see more information. In this photo, a Veluz gown, shot by Pat Dy, and the official publisher Bride and Breakfast. (Yipppeee!)

Click on a color and all photos having that color motif will come out. Now that’s way beyond cool right?

Our featured weddings allow us to get the word out regarding talented wedding vendors. In this photo, a pillow creatively done by {etc} Handmade Goodness.

There you go folks, a glimpse of B&B in! Go ahead, have a day!

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