The Nook: June is All About Giving Back

In an hour it’s gonna be my birthday (yippee)! I am quite amazed how the year has gone by. I can honestly say that through the amazing times and the not-so-fun times in my life, God has been faithful all the way. In the past couple of years, I can say that the top two things in my thank you list are my family and of course Bride and Breakfast. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and an adorable son–these two boys really rock my world. And on top of that, I actually love my job (it’s not everyday you get to say you’re a wedding blogger). I’ve witnessed how all of you supported us and help Bride and Breakfast become what it is today. I still get blown away seeing how many readers follow our blog!

And because I have been blessed beyond measure, I want to make sure that JUNE is a special giving back month. As the days unfold, I hope you can stay tuned to surprises we will be throwing your way.

I know I can’t exactly celebrate with each and everyone of you tomorrow, but if you get a chance, have a cupcake (or any dessert for that matter) and think of B&B.

Sending all my hugs and love to you guys!

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