Patty Gets Engaged!

Most of us really love January. There’s simply so many things to look forward to–new beginnings, the promise of visions and dreams coming to life, and the hopes that 2012 will be an amazing year. For Patty Laurel, the first day of her 2012 is not only memorable, it’s life-changing. She got engaged. And just as expected, she and everyone around her is ecstatic.

Next to the day of your engagement, one of the most exciting days will probably be the day after. Everything is sinking in (or at least trying to). This may not be my typical post, but then again you know I am all about things that are beautiful. So here’s a wonderful letter she wrote, hope it finds you inspired.

Dear Lord,

The cursor has been blinking on my screen for a good 3 minutes. Truth is, I’m stumped. I write so effortlessly almost everyday, addressing words to strangers who I’ve never ever met. In a matter of minutes, my sentences form into paragraphs and before I know it, a cohesive entry is created. But today, I feel inadequate. Somehow writing for strangers seems much easier, and writing to the ONE who I love the most seems like such a daunting task. How does one even begin to address the most awesome being in the universe? How do you even find the words to match your beauty and splendor? But then I’m reminded that there’s no need to impress you with deep and flowery words, there’s no need for me to put up a front and appear holy and perfect. You know me more than anyone else, you know me more than I’ll ever know myself.

Today is the 2nd day of the year and the 2nd day of my engagement. The first day of the year always seems to be the diva, well-celebrated and attention-grabbing..when in fact, it is the 2nd day that is usually the most important. The 1st day brings momentum while the 2nd day brings REALITY. The promise of the new year is exciting and scary, but knowing that I have you to guide me makes me brave enough to face anything.

I woke up extra early this morning with clarity and a heart pounding heavier than ever, knowing that I’ve done well in choosing a man after Your own heart. The true joy comes not from knowing that I am happy, but that I am happy and that I made you happy too by honoring you and choosing the person you set aside for me.

I woke up this morning with a rush of realizations. I realized that this bed will no longer be my bed and that in a few months I’ll be waking up next to the love of my life. This house will no longer be my home because I’ll be building a new home with someone special. And the one thing that is truly mine (aside from my fingerprints) is my NAME, and will soon be hyphenated and shared. Dear Lord, just as the name I’ve long kept has brought honor to my family, I pray that the new name I carry shall be a name I will be worthy of as well. That I may bring honor to my husband and truly deserve the tag of “wife” with his last name next to mine.

So this is how it feels to be engaged. It’s an eternal fuzzy feeling in your chest. It’s like I’m back in the third grade, nervous and excited, raising my hand frantically because I think I know the answer to my teacher’s trick question 🙂 May halong kabag-kaba-kilig!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ So in luuuurve! Thank You for saving the BEST for me. Patrick is a true testimony of humility, strength and faith and I learn so much from him each day. And more than anything, he loves me for me, he loves me for the person I am today and the person he knows I will blossom into in the future. And I absolutely adore every thing about him! Oh and thank You Lord, that even my shallow desire to marry someone physically attractive was answered. You know me so well! Alam mong mababaw ako minsan at kailangan gwapo yung mapapangasawa ko..even that you were generous enough to add to an already long list of good traits! Please bless us dear Lord with healthy offspring, all CUTE and MABANGO. Pag mabaho at gusgusin, cancel nalang po yung order namin. Hahaha, just kidding. We are excited to start a family, in whatever shape, size or form.

2011 was the year I truly understood the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE thanks to my mom and dad who never left my side. They have been my constant source of strength and encouragement. I know it’s corny and many people my age won’t dig this, but my parents are my two best friends in the world and I am thankful I can talk to them about anything and everything. It is because of their friendship and their marriage, that I believe in TRUE LOVE. And I understand the value of having a partnership that is selfless, honest, and anchored in YOU. It’s nice to see how much they love Pat as he is indeed the answer to their many prayers.

Many see You as this BIG FELLA way up in the clouds, all high and mighty, always too busy running the universe. Although all these may be true and there really is no denying Your sovereign power, I know You now more intimately. You are a Father who wants to give only the best to his children and a friend who listens intently. You feel what I feel, You know my deepest darkest secrets. You are my hiding place, my peace, my happiness. Thank You for blessing me with more than I could ever deserve!!!

Love, Patty

Here’s the video that captured her New Year Proposal.

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