The Beau, the Belle and the Banquet

I am over the moon with today’s feature. When Pat Dy shared this Parisian affair with me, I literally thought I was in wedding heaven. Beautiful? Definitely an understatement. A gorgeous couple, a breathtaking venue and an overflow of love and laughter by family and friends, Christian and Stephanie’s wedding is one of the loveliest fêtes I have laid my eyes on. Gushing over the bride’s chic and romantic do, the entourage’s pretty dresses, and candid shots that will squeeze out some heartfelt “oooh’s” and “ahhh’s”. Take a peek and see exactly what I am talking about. Yes, Bride and Breakfast lives for this kind of I do’s! Enjoy loveys!

Location: Paris, France / Photography: Pat Dy / Videography: Jason Magbanua / Gown: Rajo Laurel / Make-up: Solenn Heusaff

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The Look



    1. Hi Farrah, am not sure because I also can’t tell from the pictures. Maybe one of the suppliers or someone from the bridal party reading this post can tell us.

  1. hello, there is an image on the stephanie kienle paris wedding – it is a notebook with their caricatures on it. do you happen to know who did the graphics? please let me know. thank you.

  2. Whenever I feel the need to uplift my spirit I watch this video and I can’t help but feel a whirlwind of emotions. It’s a great reminder what weddings are supposed to be, that despite the lavishness and extravagance it’s the wonderful moments shared with the loved ones that matters most and you can certainly feel the gift of love and laughter radiate throughout all of them, it’s actually quite infectious and I can’t help but feel an ache in my heart that maybe someday I’ll have that unforgettable moment in my life. Thanks for this post.

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